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Hidden Deep Free Steam Download GAMESPACK.NET Played from a 2D side-view perspective, Hidden Deep has players controlling up to three characters as they investigate a crumbling undersea facility. While the various monsters are threatening enough, the main challenge revolves around navigating the crudely-hewn mines and the raw caves beyond. Everything happens at a measured pace — there’s almost no light in the pit, so the player has to rely on flashlights that illuminate a small area and their hearing for everything else. Hidden Deep is all about making the player feel trapped and claustrophobic, and the close-in camera and limited light sources do a great job of pulling that off. There are two character types for the player to control — scouts, who have a grappling gun that allows them to explore hard-to-reach places, and engineers who can work the various machines placed around the facility. While most of the missions currently available have the player controlling a single scout investigating the map, Hidden Deep‘s best moments involve juggling a number of tasks simultaneously. Engineers moving heavy machinery as the scout guns down the hordes of beasts that the noise attracts, for example. This can be quite difficult in the story mode, as the other characters have literally no AI and the player has to constantly swap between them. However, in the various challenge modes, two people exploring the depths together on a split screen feels like the most natural thing in the world. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

While there’s almost no story to speak of, Hidden Deep‘s premise is established clearly enough. Some professionals have been dispatched to the bottom of the ocean to investigate a mining and research facility that, by all rights, shouldn’t exist. There are huge machines, mysterious crystals, and disgusting creatures scattered throughout the claustrophobic tunnels, and players have to determine for themselves exactly what’s going on with all of it, because the game has no interest in clearing things up. This kind of oblique presentation would ordinarily frustrate me, but Hidden Deep does such a good job of using environmental storytelling to inform players that I ended up not minding that there aren’t any actual characters or more than a single line of dialogue that isn’t pure exposition. The lack of explanation makes a lot of dramatic sense, as players can decide for themselves how to react to the absolutely insane circumstances they find themselves in. There’s an almost Lovecraftian feel to the bizarre structures that turn up beneath the ocean – why is there a nuclear reactor down here? What purpose does this giant sphere serve, and why does it liquefy the bodies of anyone who gets near it? No answers are forthcoming. Perhaps once Hidden Deep is out of Early Access some clear, satisfying answers will be available, but at the moment, the mysteries speak for themselves. Golf Gang


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