FIGHT CRAB Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I like crabs. Do you like crabs? I keep a small group of hermit crabs as pets, one has been with me for over a decade now. So, my first question when going into Fight Crab was, “can I play as a hermit crab?” The answer is no, sadly, but you do have the option of piloting a coconut crab, which is essentially a giant hermit crab. They grow up like hermit crabs — hiding their soft, delicious butts in gastropod shells — but eventually become too big and tough to use them anymore, so they just go naked. They’re the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world and are known for being mischievous. Do you like Goat Simulator? Do you remember Road Rash 64? Did you get your doctorate in Surgeon Simulator? These are all really dumb games that you’ll probably get a lot more enjoyment out of if you don’t take them very seriously. Jump off that building. Spoke jam that hog with a banana. Break open that rib cage with an alarm clock. Have a bit of fun! TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

It’s a game that is exactly what it says on the box. You pick from a growing assortment of crustaceans, then pinch your way to victory. Or maybe your claws aren’t enough for you. There’s also a huge selection of weapons for you to pick from. Everywhere from a sai to a lightsaber. Pick your poison, then duke it out in a number of equally bizarre environments like a medieval dining room, a supermarket display, or a table at a Chinese restaurant. There’s actually a lot of stuff to choose from. There’s 23 types of crab ranging from the cute little snappers to Lovecraftian horrors from the nightmare corpse city of R’lyeh. If you throw down against them in the main campaign, you can rest assured that you can pilot their crabby carapaces, which includes all the big bosses. Size isn’t always an advantage, so you may need to experiment to figure out which crustacean works right for you. CARDWOVEN EMPIRES


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