CARDWOVEN EMPIRES  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Every turn, the luxuries will create supporters; the industries will create goods; the gold placed on the banks will be sent to the kitty; and the meeples without something to do will start revolts. Before I get to the Market Phase and War Phase explanations, let me stress – you can trade anything and everything in this game with the exception of your supporters (victory points) and revolts (negative victory points) and all agreements are non-binding. In Empires each player begins the game drafting a country card which has unique special abilities and starting resources. The basic rules of Empires require that resources are combined whenever possible to create what amounts to mini-resource-converters. The general conversions are bonds + gold = banks, meeples + goods = luxuries, and meeples + territories = industries. These converters must be satisfied in this order whenever possible. To start this review of WizKids’ Empires, I could attempt to hook you in with some fun facts about the 18th century imperial landscape or some interesting history lesson about how the decisions of the great-war machines of the 1700s affect the world we live in today, grudges passed on father to daughter, monarch to president. However, I will do none of those things. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Instead I am going to stress how much I despise party games (Empires is not a party game, just hold on, this is my soap box for the moment). As you may or may not have noticed from my previous reviews, I love the more thinky games out there, and while I love game nights surrounded by my closest friends, I do not have the gaming library to accommodate an entire D&D party and their significant others. During these occasions when everyone has RSVP’d “Yes” and my house is filled with the fragrant aroma of pizzas and Doritos, and warmed with the laughter of friends, I very nearly dread the walk to my game shelf to pull out Cards Against Humanity or Dixit or something else that has hid itself in the dark corners of my collection. These aren’t bad games, but they aren’t what I am interested in playing today. Well, dear Reader, Empires is the solution to my dilemma. BLOW AWAY SURVIVORS


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