BASALT BREAKER Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I LOVE the atmosphere and mood of this game. The music is lovely, the sound effects are tasty. The puzzles range from easy to very hard with everything in between which is exactly what I love to see in a puzzle game. The new mechanics to a good job of taking the guesswork out of minesweeper and make it a more analytical puzzle to solve which is just *chef’s kiss*. Highly recommend. To be honest its about time that Minesweeper got some love. This game is really cute, relaxing, and fun to play. It takes the basics of Minesweeper and adds character, as well as handmade levels that gradually get more difficult. The graphics are very pleasing and the sound design is amazing as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys, Minesweeper, cute indie games, or just puzzle games in general! TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Okay but, this is a very fun game to pick up and play if you enjoy the *Minesweeper* style of puzzle game. The curated levels get you going with a lot of the logic you need pretty quickly, which makes it a lot easier to pick up and play harder and harder levels. If anything, the core gameplay gets a little stale, which can happen mostly if you get stuck on a puzzle. 8/10 The first puzzle levels and the first “normal” level were easy, but I’m finding the gardens to be overly difficult. Some patches spawn without any clues and you can easily end up spending time on the clue patches just to find a mine on your first attempt on the non-clue patches which makes it feel frustrating and unfair. I would suggest adjusting the generation code for the gardens to make sure that all patches must have clues. BE MY HORDE


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