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ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Free Download GAMESPACK.NET It’s been almost two years since I last touched Elden Ring, which I loved when it came out in early 2022. With so much of the game dissected, analysed, and overanalysed by players and critics since its release, going into this DLC is a very different, and necessarily loaded experience. With Elden Ring we all went in blind as newborn kittens and learned to read the land slowly and surely until it became familiar. Shadow of the Erdtree is framed around a much more explicit mission: to find Miquella, or at least figure out what happened to him after Mohg snatched him. It takes more time to feel at home again, but soon I’m puncturing hearts and obliterating minds, executing small huddles of gibbering NPCs as they pray, finding ways to slip past hard-hitting knights. Everyone I meet is all about Miquella, and it’s a lot, but such is the way of the cult. Miquella has left crosses scattered about the Shadow Realm for his devotees, to denote where he has shed parts of himself and his flesh; Jesus himself couldn’t have pulled off this kind of postmodern brand campaign. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Eventually I find myself in the Specimen Storehouse, which is in many ways a classic convoluted FromSoft library/lab level, and perfectly in line with Elden Ring’s weird fascination with eugenics and taxonomy. There are many artefacts here, including a preserved giant suspended face-down from the ceiling, a waistcloth draped over his rump. As soon as I see him, I am seized with wild Miquellan fervour and run behind him to write “hole ahead.” I am the first to write this here; I am message-seeding for the most prominent hole in the game like an enterprising SEO writer. Later, as I’m about to get evaporated by a boss, my message gets a “like” that saves my life. We’re so f***ing back. My first steps into the Shadow Realm are with bare feet and an empty head. After reaching out to Mohg’s crusty egg, I materialise in a vast, rolling field dotted with ruins. In the distance is a dimmed, sickly twin of the Erdtree ringed by shadowy drapes. It takes a minute to remember my buttons, but I summon Torrent to sprint through the long grass like a dog being let off the leash, and almost immediately experience death from above – some gnarled freak just two-shot me into the dirt. It takes a while to get a rhythm going again, and sort out whatever I was trying to do with my NG+ build. I decide for the sake of efficiency to stick to my Moonveil/Carian Glintstone Staff setup, because one does not simply walk into a FromSoft DLC. Chained Together


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