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Chained Together Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Frustration is fun when you get to share it with friends. Isn’t It? Luckily, developer Anegar Games has released Chained Together, a fun co-op game for you and your best friends who always bait you in every game you play. After releasing on June 19, 2024, on Steam, it has already become a viral sensation among gamers and streamers on Twitch. But, why is Chained Together getting so much attention and what is the game about? Let’s find out. If we start from the beginning, the game was announced in 2023 and people already compared it with games like Only UP and Getting Over It. Although the concept is similar to a 3D platformer, there is a reason why the game is blowing up. The goal of the game is simple. As the player, you need to reach heaven after starting from hell. It sounds easy, right? What’s the catch, you ask? TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The major reason behind the difficulty in Chained Together is the co-op gameplay. Yes, just like games like Human Fall Flat, you need to co-ordinate to progress in this game as well. Aha, doesn’t sound so easy now. There is a twist in this game that makes the game difficult even if you and your friends are BFFs. In Chained Together on PC, you will be connected to your friends through a chain, limiting movements for all of you. The aim of the game is to cross hurdles across various locations, obstacles, and whatnot while navigating from hell to heaven. This requires patience and a lot of coordination. If we take a look at the SteamDB history, the game has already surpassed a peak player count of nearly 20,000 at the time of writing. Moreover, the Twitch viewership for the game keeps going upward, thanks to the streamers going co-op with their friends and raging at each other. The game has a viewership of close to 25,000 at the time of writing. This is a clear sign of massive success at launch, and we will only see the count go upwards in the coming days. ASKA



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