DROS Free Download GAMESPACK.NET DROS, a game released on the 20th of July, is a 3D puzzle-platformer game in which you control two characters, Captain and Little Dros. You help them get through different obstacles and advance throughout the levels in the game. It’s story-driven and has multiple collectables scattered in every level, adding the possibility of exploration to the game. The game’s story is not very interesting: there is a character called The Alchemist who builds machines and creates living creatures. He lives in a tower which is full of Dros: small black creatures that do his bidding. Little Dros, one of the main characters you play as, is a rogue Dros that doesn’t listen to The Alchemist. She escaped from his lab, and in order to survive she needed a Shell, basically something for her soft body to use as a shield. She joined our second character, Captain, regarding him as her Shell. Captain is a bounty hunter who is on a mission he received, trying to steal an item that belongs to The Alchemist. The game also contains a lot of lore that is revealed via dialogues and hidden texts that are scattered throughout the world. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Although the story of Dros is one of its core parts, you can get through the entire game not knowing anything about it. Its story and presentation are very boring and are honestly just a bother most of the time. It has an interesting background, and the premise isn’t that bad, but the prologue is the only part in which the narrative was engaging, as the characters lack proper motivation. The player dialogues also make it even worse, containing grammar and spelling mistakes and being uninteresting and a tad cringe. There isn’t any emotion to the characters and definitely no character development. BASALT BREAKER


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