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Diluvian Ultra Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Diluvian Ultra, developed by Crest Helm Studios is a game that is reminiscent of other titles like QUAKE, Doom, or the more recent Prodeus. This is a fast-paced single-player, first-person shooter that, instead of being dark and gritty like other games of this type, is colourful, making it feel like the cover of a pulp sci-fi novel. Punches of bright purple and pink, with blue alien fauna, are a great addition to a game that is amazingly bloody and violent at times. You play as Atilla — a skeleton covered in muscles who is the immortal prince of a race of alien-like creatures that look like bugs. Diluvian Ultra combines a 3D 8-bit aesthetic with some gory and nightmarish creatures, giving this game a unique art style that you don’t usually see. Accompanying it is a soundtrack with a retro-style dark synth feel to it. The sound effects are kind of hit-and-miss as sometimes they don’t play or they aren’t timed with the action that you are doing. The game’s save system is set up so that when you come back from the dead, all the enemies you managed to kill before dying are still gone. They don’t respawn, making you have to fight them all again. The catch is, if you happen to die before saving, you will go back as “those without saved DNA will not be resurrected”. So, if you are just starting to play, chances are you will be starting from the very beginning at least a few times before you locate the first save location. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The story seemed interesting, well, at least the parts that I managed to catch, as the text came on and off the screen so fast I missed a good chunk of what was said. Fortunately, in the menu, you have the ability to look at conversations that you were in before, but I would rather have it slowed down in the first place. I consider myself a fast reader, but that speed is ridiculous.I was very confused by the way that the armour system worked. You are only able to carry the amount of armour that matches the current level of health that you have. So you are pretty screwed if you pick some up when you only have 20% health, as you can only have 20% extra defence. This makes it hard to make progress when you are already near death. There were a few things that Diluvian Ultra did differently from other titles in the genre, and some attributes that were cool, but others weren’t great and not a great addition like this defence system.   SHIPS AT WAR


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