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Desta: The Memories Between Dream Team Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Desta: The Memories Between Dream Team Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET There’s an approach to relationship counselling where there’s a ball, and whoever is holding the ball gets to speak. Having said your piece, you toss the ball to another person and they get their chance to express themselves without interruption. But here’s an idea: what if you just threw the ball as hard as you could at the other person’s face? Okay, let’s tone it down a little: a friendly game of dodgeball in the safe space of a dream. Add a roguelike twist of turn-based, team-based strategy and you have Desta: The Memories Between. Desta is the latest offering from Ustwo Games, creators of, among other things, 2014 mobile hit Monument Valley and 2021’s peaceful camera-and-scrapbook game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. Originally launching in 2022 as a Netflix game and now arriving on Switch in an enhanced and expanded form (although minus touch support), it tells the story of Desta, who is returning to the family home in preparation for it to be sold. Desta lost their father sometime before and didn’t leave things in a positive place with their mum. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Desta The Memories Between Dream Team Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features a captivating storyline that follows the journey of Desta as she navigates through her memories and tries to uncover the truth about her past.

The anxiety about facing their mother needs to be unpicked in a dream space, letting an imagined conversation play out so that Desta can face the real-life situation constructively. However, the journey to that conversation is full of old friends, and it turns out Desta didn’t leave things sitting tidily with any of them when they went away. Exploring your feelings in dream dodgeball, you must work through tricky conversations compassionately, all while enjoying a bit of semi-violent sport. the gameplay mainly involves leading Desta and two teammates to wipe out a team of enemies in a small arena peppered with obstacles. Characters each have two action points per turn, which can be spent on movement, throwing a ball, or triggering a special ability. The balls start off positioned around the stage and must be collected before they can be thrown, and your opponents are going for the same balls, so controlling them becomes a critical element of strategy. A simple physics system lets you rebound cool trick shots off the scenery or catch a ball again after pummelling an opponent, just to rub it in.


Each chapter focuses on a relationship with one key person from Desta’s past, working through a series of battles until facing off with that person head-on. Beating stages builds experience points, increases your level, and unlocks new special abilities. Finally, flattening the main opponent with the dodgeball three times breaks the tension and resolves the dream, leading to that new companion joining the squad for subsequent chapters. Losing a battle, however, wakes Desta up from their dream and requires a roguelike-style restart where special abilities and teammates are lost but experience and HP are maintained. There’s the option to skip to the latest chapter, but you’ll have to take a chance with just one randomly selected special. Rerunning through each chapter can make the journey long and hard work. On the plus side, that adds weight to the story, as each little slice of dialogue – all voiced and brilliantly performed – must be earned through struggle and conflict. Unfortunately, it also creates a very repetitive experience as new starts are eventually met with a sigh rather than a hunger for another go. Disney Dreamlight Valley Switch

Desta The Memories Between Dream Team Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Desta The Memories Between Dream Team Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

But despite the potential slog to progress – and the aggressive bombardment of dodgeball-style gameplay – the game flows with a very chill respect for the player. It begins by respecting your time, launching straight into the gameplay after just one line of exposition and before even showing the title screen. You are dipped immediately into the mellow but snappy soundtrack by Mansur Brown and given the chance to drink in the precise, characterful visuals, with their smooth edges punctuated helpfully by the vivid, cel-shaded characters. The willingness to accommodate the player doesn’t stop there. During play, there is the option to rewind movements if they don’t work out and, in the pause menu, settings to adjust difficulty in different ways. These can be changed at any time and with no penalty or judgment. Interface colours can be tweaked for accessibility and there is an option to adjust the dialogue in one chapter of the game, for which there is a content warning about themes of misgendering. Impressively, rather than just skipping the potentially challenging lines, entirely new lines have been written to provide an alternative version of the chapter and not break the flow of the game.


The respect for the player is thoroughgoing, then, but don’t be tempted to grumble that games should be allowed to be hard: this Dream Team Edition on Switch includes a new Nightmare Mode difficulty that takes the difficulty far in the opposite direction. Getting through the later levels of Desta is already no pushover and Nightmare is a serious test. The Dream Team Edition also introduces a Challenge Mode which includes brand new levels and new special abilities, rounding out a package that expands on the mobile original and provides hours of additional play beyond the five or so we took to complete the main campaign. While all the options and extras are appreciated, we did wish the game was better balanced in its default mode to make restarts less tedious and the easy modes less tempting.Apart from the gameplay, Desta tells its story well. Ustwo has amazingly managed to make a game of dodgeball about relationships. The story beats aren’t simply tacked on, either; they align perfectly with the mounting challenge of beating a level. When an opponent is defeated and joins your team, it makes for a feeling of overcoming the two-way complications of a relationship, rather than simply vanquishing an enemy. Disney Dreamlight Valley Ultimate Edition Switch NSP

Desta The Memories Between Dream Team Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Desta The Memories Between Dream Team Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Without being overly wordy, and despite a very measured pace of line delivery by the voice cast, the story runs along elegantly, enhancing the action rather than interrupting it. You play as the titular Desta, who’s returning to their hometown for the first time since their father’s memorial service. They didn’t leave town in the best way, and as a result their return is marred with anxiety over looming reunions and – at the heart of the issue – finding the right things to say to the people Desta left behind. It’s a situation many of us have likely found ourselves in, but The Memories Between tackles it from a more surreal angle. The game’s core loop takes place each night, where Desta travels through their recurring dreams looking to fix relationships and resolve the conflicts that have been weighing on them. These dreams take place on floating, tile-based chunks of their childhood – a nearby street, the local pub’s beer garden, sunny woods – and although each level looks gorgeous, they play host to plenty of ugly conversations as Desta is forced to face issues that have been left to fester in their absence, with the hopes of re-kindling friendship and resolving Desta’s anxieties.


Beyond harsh words, The Memories Between‘s combat revolves around Desta and their allies chucking balls at baddies – a sentimental relic from the time when they would talk out their problems with their dad while playing catch. In these dreams, the playful underarm Desta grew up with is replaced with a fiery overarm, where the aim of the game is to wipe out an opponent’s health bar by lobbing the ball off them. As it’s a mobile game, you throw balls by pulling your thumb back and adjusting the angle you want to go for – in Desta’s dreamy state they can hit targets by bouncing a ball around their cover or ricocheting it between two foe’s heads to damage both at once, like a sporty Terminator. It’s nice and simple, but getting to grips with The Memories Between‘s angling mechanics means it only gets better as you progress through the game. However, chucking the ball is only one half of The Memories Between – the other half is making sure you’ve got one on hand. A smart player can sometimes angle a throw to ensure the ball lands back in their hands, but that’s not always possible – meaning that while you’re trying to whittle down health bars Distant Kingdoms 

Desta The Memories Between Dream Team Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

“Desta: The Memories Between Dream Team Edition” offers a multiplayer mode, allowing players to team up with friends and embark on the adventure together.

you’re also tussling to keep each level’s limited amount of balls in your hand. In later levels, it’s not enough to just batter down your foes – you’ll need to deny them access to a ball or run the risk of them scoring an easy win. There’s a deceptive amount of depth to dig into, which is fleshed out further with a range of different abilities and items to equip. As you progress, Desta will restore more of their relationships, convincing their former friends, foes and art teachers to join them on their quest to root out their anxieties. These party members all come with unique skill sets – for example James can teleport to pretty much anywhere in a level, while Sun can spend an action point to prepare a vicious counterattack for anyone that hits him in the next turn. Along with Desta, you can only bring two pals into each dream – meaning there’s plenty of room to explore which characters synergise well with each other’s abilities. If you can’t stay on top of Desta’s dreamy ball game, it’s wakey-wakey – and you’ll have to try again the next night. The Memories Between is a roguelike, which means you’ll need to start back at the beginning if you lose your party members.

The roguelike format actually feels like a bit of an awkward fit for The Memories Between – the more you’re invested in Desta’s healing journey, the less enjoyment there is to be found in revisiting the same identical levels. There’s also not enough variety to keep replaying the same levels interesting – enemies and maps stay the same, and you’ve got to sit through identical dialogue as you progress. However, The Memories Between‘s repetition problem isn’t enough to make the game a nightmare. Beyond each level’s compelling combat loop, there’s plenty to enjoy – each map is outright gorgeous to behold, and The Memories Between does a sublime job at making Desta’s anxieties and relationship troubles feel all-too real. It keeps in theme with Desta banging their head off the same dreams every night, but for the player, even the thoughtful combat isn’t enough to stop things getting a little stale. Supergiant‘s 2020 hit Hades proved that it was possible to weave a running narrative through the roguelike live-die-repeat formula, and it would’ve been nice to see ustwo explore more ways to harmonise The Memories Between‘s story and roguelike nature.

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