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Bus Simulator 18 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bus Simulator 18 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET If driving a truck, hauling freight isn’t quite your thing but you’d like to be on the roads… maybe Bus Simulator is more up your alley. Taking a similar mechanic, go from point A to point B and adhere to road rules it’s a similar experience but with a few differences. As a bus driver you aren’t limited to just going from point A to point B… you can run the gamut of the whole alphabet… in fact you’d do well to have more than one bus stop on your route or you won’t make much money at all. You begin with a single bus and driving a simple route. You are accompanied by Mira Tannhauser who acts as the tutorial for the game, she informs you that you are the first driver hired to revitalize the cities public transport and she guides you through your first bus route and the ins and outs of the job right down to how to start the bus and give change for fares. From here it’s up to you to expand your burgeoning public transport empire. You are offered incentives to create and drive certain routes and perform other goals to expand your empire. As your company grows you are given access to new buses, new superficial enhancements (decoration options for your bus) and new areas to add to your bus routes. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Bus Simulator 18 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features a large open-world city that players can explore at their leisure. The city is filled with landmarks, traffic, and pedestrians, making it feel like a real city.

Some of the features of the game include:

      • Realistic bus driving physics: The game uses a realistic physics engine to simulate the movement and handling of the bus, making it feel like you’re really behind the wheel.
      • Open-world city: The game features a detailed open-world city with a variety of roads, landmarks, and other features that add to the realism of the driving experience.
      • Multiple bus models: There are several different bus models to choose from, each with their own unique handling characteristics.
      • Bus customization: Players can customize their bus with various colors and decals, as well as upgrade its performance and features.

In addition to driving the bus, players must also manage the passengers onboard, making sure they get on and off at the right stops and dealing with any issues that may arise.

Being full of passengers rather than cargo also gives the game a chance to have some banter between commuters and though it does get repetitive there are some “dad joke” style laughs to be had with some of the conversations. There are some passengers in wheelchairs for whom you will need to lower the ramp to enable them to enter and exit the bus which is a nice little touch of inclusivity. But not all passengers are nice… some will leave litter on your bus and others will try and ride without a valid ticket. You can get out of your seat at stops and asked to see people’s tickets but I haven’t noticed any way to discern if someone hasn’t paid for a ticket as they are hopping on the bus so, unless I’m missing something, it’s pretty hit and miss as to whether you are going to find a fare evader… doing so does net you a bit of extra money by way of a fine so it can be worth it. Why is this fun? Why am I sitting here, five hours into what I thought would be a “first impressions” play session, still tweaking the looks of my busses, assigning drivers, tweaking routes, cleaning my bus from the rude people who leave coffee cups behind, and generally having a pleasant, low-stress, but highly rewarding gaming experience? This is a game about owning and operating a bus depot in fictional cities. ARK: Survival Evolved 

Bus Simulator 18 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bus Simulator 18 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

And it’s pretty damned great, too. It shot to the top of Steam’s sale charts when it came out earlier this month, and having played it this past week, I can see why. Bus Simulator 18 is surprisingly fun and in-depth, with just the right amount of nonsense thrown in. The premise is simple, the city you start out in has abandoned its bus system, and you and your colleagues are taking over to both bring it back to prominence, and to show the city’s bigwigs that it’s needed. To do so, you’ll not only have to drive a clean, efficient, and timely bus on your own, but you’ll also have to manage a growing business as you add new busses, employees, and more. You can customize almost everything about the company – the routes, the employees, the busses’ looks, the uniforms, and so forth. And as you play, you’ll unlock more and more customization options. It’s really a micromanager’s dream, but you can also let the AI control a great deal of the day to day, or just leave the looks and things at a default.

The game supports online multiplayer, allowing players to team up with friends and drive buses together.

The thing about Bus Simulator that makes it work is that the routes you actually drive can be as long or as short as you want them to be. Have an hour? Make a big route, go nuts! Have 10 minutes? Pick a smaller 3-5 stop route and you’ve still made progress. Plus you can send your drivers off on routes, watch their progress, and even co-op with up to 4 people to make it like a real team effort. If I had a wish for any one feature it would be a “free drive” mode so my son could just tool around – he’s five, and not at all ready to actually learn traffic rules and how to take tickets. Oh, did I not mention that? Yep, you’ll stop and pick up passengers, have to open multiple doors, lower ramps for wheelchairs, follow traffic laws, pick up after customers at the end of your route, and yep – even give back correct change when they buy tickets. It sounds like work, sure – but most sims are. They’re about living that job you always were curious about, but never did or could do. I’ve had a lifelong love of driving. I’d have totally been a professional if I could. Not racing – I’m talking trucking, buses, stuff like that. But life lead me here. Maybe when I retire, I’ll get my CDL and go nuts. For now, there’s Bus Simulator 18, and I’m OK with that. Asfalia: Anger

Bus Simulator 18 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players must adjust their driving style accordingly to ensure the safety of their passengers and the public.

Bus Simulator 18 has a couple of different levels to its gameplay. At the lowest level, it’s about driving buses. No surprise there, it is there in the title of the game. You take the driver’s seat in a bus and drive it around town, picking up and dropping off passengers. You control pretty much everything on the bus, so you must dispense tickets, open and close the doors, and even extend the wheelchair ramp when required. The game throws a lot of curve balls at you while driving, such as fare dodgers, passengers listening to loud music, speeding cameras, and some absurdly placed potholes. At the end of the drive, you get paid out based on a pretty simple equation: all the good stuff you did minus all the bad stuff you did. Signaled before turning into the bus stop? Great! Hit the speed bump too fast? Not great. It’s a simple model, but it works effectively. Personally, I found myself focusing a lot more on being perfect because I didn’t want to compromise my earnings at the end of the route.

The game also supports mods, which can be used to add new buses, maps, and other content to the game.

Overall, the actual driving of the bus was more good than bad. The bus moves responsively and more complicated maneuvers require thought and precision (like turning, roundabouts, etc.), and the challenges the game sets before you are easy enough to manage without getting overwhelmed. Every time you bump into something you shouldn’t, the game penalizes you, especially if it’s people (imagine that). Amidst all this, there was some bad. Occasionally, taking a turn too tight and bumping certain objects could phase the bus inside them, making it impossible to move or get out. It took me a while to figure out that there was a button in the menu to reset my bus to the road, which may serve as an indication of a bug the developers couldn’t quite work out. I don’t generally expect simulator games to use hyper-realistic traffic models, but the drivers in the fictional town of Seaside Valley appeared to have no idea how traffic is supposed to work, as they pretty much just do whatever they want. The good in this is that the game seems to prioritize your bus over all other traffic, so you generally don’t have to worry about sitting at a four-way stop for 10 minutes. Even so, that didn’t stop cars from almost plowing into me in the middle of intersections, which ends up being really frustrating. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Bus Simulator 18 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bus Simulator 18 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

At the higher level of gameplay, the player acts as a manager for the entire bus company as it expands throughout Seaside Valley. This part is what got me excited, as I’m a big fan of economic systems in games and trying to make them as efficient as possible. So, at a high level, here’s how the management systems worked in Bus Simulator 18. As the manager, you create bus routes going through several stops, and then you drive the routes. After you’ve driven a route, the money you made on that route is extrapolated out for a week period, and you have earnings. You use this money to expand your bus empire in a variety of different ways. First off, you can hire drivers. Each driver gets their own little info blurb, and costs the player a certain amount of money a week to maintain. The second thing you do with money is buy buses. As you level up, you get access to variety of different buses. Other than just looking different, buses can have different engine types, which will impact their maintenance costs each week. Each bus can be painted and customized to look as awesome as you want (which I probably sunk more time into than I should have).

Once you have an extra bus and a driver, you can assign them to one of your created routes. Every time you drive a route, all your drivers will also generate income, allowing you to build your bus company up even quicker. The game holds your hand through the almost all of the company management, giving you challenges to fulfill certain criteria to keep unlocking different areas of the city. Certain challenges may require certain types of buses which you need more money to buy, like a CNG bus, so players need to grind routes for a bit to level up and get more money. In my time with the game, I’ve experienced some of the bugs and slowdowns that others on Steam have complained about, but this week also brought the first big patch which addressed quite a few of those. There’s still something rough about the visuals – people seem stiff and lifeless in a creepy way, but the busses and customization is great, the cities and weather and lighting are spot on, and there’s plenty of mod support for what promises to be a vibrant hardcore community. In short, this one has legs… er, wheels? It’s worth a look if any of what I’ve described is up your alley.


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