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Undertale Free Steam Download  GAMESPACK.NET The first thing that grabbed me was the soundtrack. From the opening menu onwards, I was stunned by how the music was so naturally entwined with each stage of the game. I felt uplifted and motivated by the track Ruins, I was comforted by Home, and I felt positively chilly listening to Snowy. I was shocked by the music’s power to move me, both emotionally and physically: listen to sans. if you want to dance, or Fallen Down if you want to feel nostalgic. One of the first things I did after playing the game was to save the soundtrack on Spotify. Another engaging aspect of the game is its characters. Within seconds I was attached to the child I was controlling, often making them waddle around the screen just to watch them move. This is one of the first video games I have encountered with a genderless protagonist. As a woman I often find myself playing as a man, and this adds a layer of obscurity to any connection I can make with the character. The accessibility of the main character is therefore an attractive aspect of the game; anyone can play it, and anyone can feel like they are being represented on the screen. Everything about the game feels so personal, and I felt a similar love for the monsters in the game. Undertale was mainly created by one man only, Toby Fox, who also composed the soundtrack. His script reaches out through the screen to the player, whether through the affectionate words of Toriel, our maternal guide at the beginning of the game, or the zany jokes of Sans, a skeleton we meet along the way. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I warily approach the sunflower, and as it beams at me I feel at ease. As I click happily through the dialogue, the sunflower tells me that I am in a place where everyone shares ‘LOVE’. It then tells me it will share its LOVE with me, and as I move towards it with a childlike naïveté, I realise that I have been played. The sunflower’s face distorts into a nightmarish vision, and I scream out loud as my newly born character dies before my eyes. Safe to say, this is one of the best video game opening scenes that I have played (or rather, been played by) in a long time. Initially, I didn’t want to play Undertale: despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I was put off by its retro aesthetic, and by the fact that one of the main aspects of the gameplay is a turn-based ‘bullet hell’. Essentially, you and the computer take it in turns to choose actions during combat, and if you or the monster decide to fight, this activates an onslaught of bullets which you must avoid. Yet as soon as I was duped by a chaotic, evil sunflower, I began to fall in love with this game. No Place Like Home


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