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Ultros Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Wandering Ultros’s cosmic uterus in search of an eldritch monster I had to stop from being born, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d been there before. The game is a metroidvania, and for a while it seems like almost exactly what you’d expect (minus the whole uterus thing). But just as I started to get comfy in the embrace of genre familiarity, the creature hatched, killed me, and sent me blasting back in time to the beginning. Ultros is a time-loop game, but it’s more than just time that loops. Everything does, swerving and connecting back to each other to convey a singular vision in this circle of a game. Ultros is blasted with vibrancy, a perpetual explosion of acid hues swirling in hypnotic patterns. Red globby juices dribble down iridescent orange ivy; dark purple liquid submerges holy green statues; a giant tree with glowing autumn leaves bears searing blue fruit with eyes. Every inch of the game is a joy to behold when the backgrounds aren’t packed with so much handmade love that I lose track of what’s decoration and what isn’t. Several accessibility options exist to assuage this by blurring or desaturating the background, but hours in I still caught myself trying to hop onto pillars that weren’t there. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I found it hard to care too much about the occasional whiffed jump when everything looks so nice, especially when accompanied by a perfectly in-step soundtrack of ambient ragas: shimmering violins, muted saxophones, and humming electronics giving way to discordance in Ultros’s most intense moments, casting a mystical, reverent air over the entire experience. Which is appropriate given the story, an obscure time-looping Zen journey that cuts the preamble and drops you into an ocean of alien terminology. The Sarcophagus, Shamasal, Cacomin, Marduk, Cortex… if you’re playing casually don’t expect to understand what’s going on. The writing doesn’t exactly inspire a desire to learn more. It oscillates between twee stammering and portentous Proper Noun poetry, often leaving me wanting less of the already scant dialogue, but if you’re willing to push through and dig, the story here is well considered and filled with plenty of heady ideas. It’s a story of cycles and symbiosis, of death and rebirth and the delicate balance between everything that is.  HoloParade


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