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TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4 Bush Rescue Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Back when the 3D mascot was in its prime in the early noughties, Aussie developer Krome Studios’ Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was going up against big shots like Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot thanks to the backing of third-party powerhouse Electronic Arts and, eventually, Call of Duty publisher Activision. TY would fall out of favour and the studio behind him went through some ups and downs, but Krome bounced back the following decade and in more recent years it has remastered the first two 3D versions of TY via Kickstarter, both available on Switch. Now the studio is back with the lesser known 2D outing, TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4: Bush Rescue Returns. TY 4 originally made its debut in 2013 on Windows and other devices and now it has been revived for Nintendo Switch with improved graphics and music, new voiceovers, and remastered extended cut scenes.TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Although the shift from 3D to 2D is quite a significant change, technically, the series already got the 2D treatment on Game Boy Advance courtesy of fellow Australian developer Halfbrick (Fruit Ninja). If you haven’t experienced this fourth entry before, it carries over a lot of things fans know and love about the previous entries – from the characters to the boomerangs — and recreates it within the confines of a 2D platformer. This isn’t your typical side-scroller where you simply progress from the beginning to the end, though, as you also take on objectives across the 40 outback levels.vAs part of the Bush Rescue team, TY’s tasks range from putting out fires to rescuing tourists who have gone missing in bushland. As for his main job, he’s once again dealing with the antagonist Boss Cass, who is up to no good, as you’d expect. It’s all in line with previous entries that made a name for themselves playing up the ‘Aussie outback’ experience, with a lot of familiar faces returning in this outing.

Of course, TY’s weapon of choice is a pair of boomerangs and he’s got all sorts of them here – ranging from elemental ones to tech-powered creations. This weapon destroys everything in TY’s path and can be used to solve puzzles, activate switches, and even temporarily glide through the skies. You can even charge it up to deliver a devastating attack. Australia is one of those places I’ll probably never visit in my lifetime. Not because it’s not beautiful, full of fascinating people, history, flora and fauna, but because I wager there’s a better than even chance I’d die a ridiculous death within moments of setting foot there. Bitten by a Redback spider, gobbled up by a Saltwater crocodile, or taken apart by a rabid Koala (it could happen). As a result, I’ve lived vicariously through a couple videogames that take place in the region. Previously I tackled a game and subsequent DLC that features a certain kangaroo. Most recently, I got the chance to check out the latest entry in the TY the Tasmanian Tiger series. That game is called TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4: Bush Rescue Returns. It previously released on Steam back in 2015. Now I wrapped playing the enhanced version on Nintendo Switch. While playing this game won’t result in your untimely demise, it does suffer from some unfortunate rough edges.

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