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Transport Fever 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET So satisfying when you successfully build something that looks and runs right! A brilliant, if not perfect, game that is essentially like having your own endlessly expansive model train set on your computer, with the fun of managing profits and completing challenges if you wish..
Fantastic workshop mod support, all the more impressive given the tiny size of the game development team. The one huge huge thing that’s missing and I cannot wait to see implemented in future iterations is multiplayer. Working to build a huge network either in co-op or rival companies would be awesome. Just bought the game on pc via steam exploring the things step by step adaptation will definitely take time for me as it’s required complete focus without any distraction .  My father also expressed to play this game as he likes to play innovative games. I will be commenting more as I progress further but this is best version created by gamers as you have acknowledged correctly what people want and how it want. Great work gudNo where as good as the pc version, also, no mods for xbox series x. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Once you’ve got all your trains and buses etc up and running then it all becomes repetitive. It’s my sort of game but became boring in no time. Shame really, we do like a transport sim, so on that note, I’ll stick to Citieskyline. Maps are small even when on large and replacing your kit because there too old is a bummer, especially when you have over 150 lines. Yawn! The game needs mods otherwise you’ll get bored. Billiant, can use as a replacement for mmodel railway or as simulation game, adding mods can take it to a whole new level. I’d recommend it for people of all ages, prehaps not new born babies though nothing worsethan dspit in the keyboard. Last Epoch

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