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It seems like everyone and their mother loves a good old Metroidvania game, but from experience I’d say the majority of the titles learn more towards the Vania than the Metroid thanks to a focus on melee combat. Personally I’m happy to play games on both ends of the Metroidvania spectrum, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss blasting baddies with a laser beam as I explore a gear-gated world. Well those of you who are also missing the sci-fi shooting are in luck, because The Mobius Machine wears its Metroid inspiration on its sleeve. The game starts with our astronaut protagonist waking from a nightmare where he’s trapped on an alien planet, then receives a distress call from an uninhabited world on his spaceship. Lo and behold while trying to help his trusty vessel crashes, and (just like his nightmare) he’s stuck on a planet full of aggressive aliens. That’s all you really get from the narrative, but it sets you up for a whole lot of shooting and exploring.TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Fans of the originator of the genre will feel immediately at home in The Mobius Machine. Armed with a laser gun your task is to find some sign of life on the planet by any means necessary, and that means shooting your way through a whole lot of green blobs. It’s easy to aim at whatever you want by aiming with your right stick, and your big spaceman jump will help dodge any attacks that come your way. It doesn’t take long for you to start upgrading your arsenal and abilities though, and they’ll lead you to new places. The first upgrade I got was a shotgun, which you can fire at any time with the alternate trigger without using up any resources whatsoever. It’s a handy way to deal extra damage up close, but isn’t as important as those classic movement upgrades that let you access new areas. From the slide that’ll get you over crumbling blocks fast enough to escape falling, to the climbing pick that means rock walls are no longer going to stop you in your tracks, finding these upgrades is key if you want to get off this planet. Finding them is easier said than done though, especially given how the map works in The Mobius Machine. When you first enter an area you’ll have no way to see where you are on your map, as it’s only revealed when you find a map room and download it.

The Mobius Machine offers a short tutorial teaching you the basics of controls, which leads you to wake up from a dream. A dream of you being eaten alive that is! Upon waking up, you find yourself talking to your robot friend who states that the rules of answering distress signals are of utmost importance, reluctantly you agree, and end up stranded all alone on what should have been a deserted planet. Gather your thoughts, because this game will make you choose where you want to go at every available opportunity. From the very get-go, the game enthusiastically encourages us to explore. You can tell that this aspect has been heavily invested in when you come across items that allow you to scale walls, or use thrusters to cross certain platforms. This kind of genre does not usually pique my gamer interests, but there was something that drew me to it, perhaps it was the emphasis on exploration, perhaps it was the vast open world or the puzzling routes.  Maybe it was all the above and more, but I felt compelled to play this game, despite my voice sounding like I was bored, I enjoyed it.

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