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The Evil Within Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The Evil Within is not a game that relies on cheap jump scares. It’s driven by a slow, sustained, and deeply pervasive sense of dread that sets your mind racing at every crunch of glass beneath your feet and every distant groan from an unseen enemy. Much of this tension is thanks to the game’s striking use of atmosphere, so gloomy and impactful it often borders on suffocating, but it’s also a testament to an action-heavy combat system whose scant ammunition and immediate threat of death is just as demanding as it is satisfying. Were it not for the occasional stumble into moments of immense frustration and an aimless, sputtering story, The Evil Within could have been something truly great. What’s left, though, is an uneven but ultimately captivating ode to the glory days of survival horror. At the center of it all is Sebastian Castellanos, a detective called in to investigate a vicious collection of murders at a local mental hospital. The brief preamble leading up to this investigation is all the calm The Evil Within can muster, because from then on Castellanos is sent tumbling through a twisted and only occasionally coherent story involving supernatural apparitions, gruesome monsters, and a seemingly infinite series of nightmarish backdrops. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

It’s not a good story. Nor is it self-aware, lacking any trace of that cheeky, almost-a-Jill-sandwich charm of early survival horror games. It is genuinely, earnestly bad. Castellanos is a wooden and thoroughly uninteresting protagonist, a gruff cop with a dark past whose in-game journal actually contains the line, “I have to stay strong, but it’s so easy to drown my thoughts in whiskey.” Then there’s the overarching plot, so meandering and slipshod with its constant jumps in and out Castellanos’ tormented visions that this narrative trickery becomes routine, even numbing in a way. It’s a saw whose teeth have been worn down by overuse. So the world lacks context, but it doesn’t lack impact. The Evil Within is a horror experience built on such an outstanding foundation–the chilling use of light and shadow, the menacing audio flourishes–that merely traversing its environments is enough to make your heart skip a few beats. Whether it has you exploring a derelict hospital ward splattered with blood and overturned wheelchairs, a ravaged urban center where aquatic monsters patrol its flooded streets, or even that most weathered of survival horror settings, the creepy mansion, The Evil Within transports you through a diverse assortment of places with one theme tying them all together: an absolutely terrifying sense of atmosphere.
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