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SUCCUBUS Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Have you ever looked at a game and thought to yourself, “how the hell did that get a sequel?” That’s a not-at-all-subtle way of revealing exactly what went through my mind when I first saw Succubus, a sequel/spin-off of the first-person horror title Agony. When the previous title in the series was so abjectly painful to play, how is there any hope for any sort of future entries? Well, you might be quite shocked to learn that Succubus is considerably different from Agony, and let’s face it, it needed to be if it had any hope of success. Succubus is a first-person hack-and-slash game from Madmind Studio, the same developers behind Agony, surprisingly. The story follows a succubus who was left behind in Hell after all the legitimate rules left at the end of the last game. After being betrayed by other demons, you set out on a quest for revenge by shredding your way through Hell, with the amount of nudity and hyper-violence that you’ve come to expect from this series. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)


Succubi are often depicted as incredibly attractive and alluring women who use their physical beauty to seduce their victims.

Succubus is a dark-fantasy action game that puts players in the role of a demonic succubus named Vydija. Here are some of the key features of the game:

      • Intense Combat: The game features fast-paced and brutal combat that allows players to use a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat their enemies.
      • Gore and Violence: The game is designed for mature audiences and features graphic violence and gore.
      • Exploration: Players can explore a dark and twisted world filled with secrets and hidden paths.
      • Character Customization: Players can customize Vydija’s appearance and upgrade her abilities as they progress through the game.
      • Boss Battles: The game features challenging boss battles that will test players’ skills and strategy.

The game features dialogue choices that can affect the story and the ending.

Yes, much like Agony, one of the big selling points of Succubus is that it features gratuitous nudity throughout, and once again that promise is more than fulfilled. 90% of the enemies you come across have their boobs out, sinners and demons proudly let their man-meat flap merrily in the breeze. Basically, if your main reason for playing games is to get to see nudity, then Succubus might be your perfect game of all time. For a long while, I was under the impression that Succubus was less a game and more smut in a video game package. However, after seeing a press release that described it as publisher PlayWay’s most anticipated game yet, I decided that maybe I should give it a look before judging a book by its fixation with breasts. I meant cover. While Succubus is quite possibly the most offensive game I think I’ve ever seen (and it does have its share of pornographic content), it’s a legitimate first-person melee game with surprisingly good graphics and an enormous amount of blood-soaked carnage. As a warning, this is a review of a game that contains content many will find disturbing, and is intended only for mature audiences. Succubi use their seductive powers to tempt and lure men into sexual encounters with them. Back To Ashes



The main character in Succubus is clearly meant to be ogled, there’s no way around that. Strangely, the game is exclusively in first person. So, if you’re looking to buy the game to stare at the protagonist, you’re not going to be doing that as much as you’d imagine. The main character isn’t even much a succubus, it seems. Succubi are demons that nourish themselves by draining the life force of their victims through sexual congress. The succubus in this game mostly nourishes herself by constantly and violently tearing apart literally everything she sees. She can occasionally heal herself via sex, but this happens about three times in the entire game. Succubus is played as a first-person hack-and-slash experience with a heavy emphasis on visceral melee combat. As Vydija, a sultry-toned, blood-thirsty succubus of lust, you will literally tear through hordes of fleshy creatures, demented demons, tortured humans and lordly hellspawn in a series of 20 or so stages with varying objectives and collectibles, but where the solution for completion is always the same: Maiming, mutilating, and killing everything between you and the exit.

The game’s story is centered around Vydija’s quest for revenge and her journey to uncover the truth about her past.

To accomplish this, there is a variety of melee-focused weapons and magical spells on offer that steadily unlock throughout the game. From daggers to axes to hammers to pitchforks, each provide a different moveset to experiment with, and, akin to recent Doom titles, special finishing moves that can be activated after dealing enough damage; using these rewards a gory animation that, while janky-looking, certainly delivers on the shock and laugh-out-loud factor. You can find many of these weapons in the hellish landscapes you cut your way through, or buy them (along with a number of revealing and disturbing armour set pieces) by spending collected souls. Aside from the nudity, the gameplay in Succubus is surprisingly solid. It’s a melee-focused hack-and-slash game, which differs from the original’s horror focus. You’re not sneaking around here at all, instead, you rely on demonic magic and some pretty powerful weaponry to get the job done. When you start out you’ve basically got a couple of knives and a fire spell, but as you play you’re constantly unlocking new abilities and weapons to use, which helps to keep the gameplay fresh throughout. Backfirewall 


Succubi are believed to feed off the sexual energy of their victims, which can leave the victim feeling exhausted and drained.

The variety of different weapons you have access to is pretty stunning, and the different combat styles they offer are relatively unique. You’ve got the two curved swords that snap together into a bow, the staff that gives you access to a continuous attack, even a pitchfork that you can straight up throw at enemies. Even better, the game manages to strike up a decent balance between making you feel powerful and giving you a challenge, at least on Normal difficulty. Enemies can be strong, and there’s a lot of them, so even if you’re knocking waves aside with your giant hammer, you’ve still got to have the skill to avoid losing chunks of health at a time. If there’s one complaint about the gameplay of Succubus, it’s the bosses. At first, they’re mostly pretty decent, if a little generic. You dodge their various attacks, wait for them to become vulnerable, and then just spam your own attack, repeat until they fall over. However, as you get further in, some of the bosses become annoying and broken, especially the late-game ones. Most of the bosses in the latter half of the game have gimmicks, like the one who turns the arena into a game of ‘the floor is lava’ and likes to heal any damage you do to her.

The game features adult themes such as sexuality, violence, and horror.

Each level has three additional quests you can clear to make the area glow on the map. There are also collectibles to find, including comic book pages that let you read an actual comic book made just for the game. And it’s pretty decent too! Levels can take upwards of 20 minutes to beat, so Succubus isn’t an extremely short game. It took me about eight hours and I didn’t reach 100% completion. There are also a couple of extra-hard leaderboard levels that you can play, although they have set loadouts, so you can’t bring your own stuff. Succubus is all about bringing your own stuff. There are a bunch of different weapon types, including dual daggers, scythes, staves, hammers, a daggerbow, and swords. You can equip three at once and new, stronger weapons show up in the store as you progress. Gather human and demon souls by killing enemies, and then use them to purchase both new weapons and armor. You obviously don’t get to see the armor much, but it has different stats, such as health and power charges. Each armor also has different powers, with the best one in the game being locked to just one specific outfit. Powers can be quite fun to use, although you’ll often just use them to burn things. There’s also a shield power, if you want. Back to Freedom UNCENSORED



There’s many spells to equip and unleash, too, with new abilities and ways to kill enemies unlocked as you progress, though many, including the starting telekinesis and fireball abilities, feel like it needed more tuning. You can also dash in and out of fights, and Spartan kick enemies into environmental objects such as spikes or other hordes with a button. While entertaining, there’s a lack of polish in the combat and impact in attacks overall that makes it feel a bit floaty. Then there’s the ‘broken’ part of my above complaint. In almost all of the late-game bosses, they seem to have some broken path-finding. On numerous occasions, a boss seemed to have an aneurysm and just sort of got stuck in place, either repeating animation or just standing stock still. While this did make the fights easier, it also felt like cheating, but at the same time, when it happened with the self-healing boss who also blocks ranged attacks, I did breathe a short sigh of relief.

Succubus really doesn’t hold back on depicting the sheer level of damage and pain you inflict upon your foes. This is a main selling point of Succubus, and I can’t say it doesn’t deliver the gore-ey goods. Every interaction is hyper-violent, and you’ll see the full non-censored results of cleaving, stabbing, crushing, slashing and impaling your enemies. In particular, the mutilation of bodies is supported by the game engine to a surprising degree. Whether this level of detail is entertaining or disturbing depends on the player; for me, the slaughter comes across as so ridiculous in tone it’s enjoyable in a ‘dumb fun’ sort of way, though it’s not for the faint of heart by any means. Even if you play violent games, what’s on display can be voyeuristic – especially one animation involving pregnant sinners and fetus’s, which may cross the line for some players. But others, like ripping a sinner’s penis clean off, or drinking the blood of a sinner to regain health, ground the game into pulpy, laugh-out-loud parody.


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