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Sons of Valhalla Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Like an aggressively competitive thane at a reindeer-piss guzzling contest, 2D tac-and-slash roguelite Sons Of Valhalla never lets up the pace for even a moment. Whether you’re charging across its pixel-art battlefields slashing and burning increasingly tough-to-crack strongholds, or making quick decisions to get the upper hand in its tug-of-war tactics, the only times Thorald is not doing cool violence, commanding others to do cool violence, or upgrading his camps so that he may act in cooler and more violent ways, is when he’s restoring stamina with a cool slug of mead or violently gnawing at health-boosting meat.TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Viking Thorald Olavson is a man possessed. A rival Jarl burnt his village and nicked his wife Raya. In his quest to find her, he’s prepared to do anything – even visit England. As Thorald, you’ll butcher your way up a chain of command in your search for Raya across six stages, each of which sits somewhere between the side-scrolling tactics of Kingdom Two Crowns, the lane strategy of a Warpips, and the slashy/blocky/shooty/dodgy of any 2D ARPG you care to name. Handball 17

There’s even a sprinkling of roguelite. You’ll have to sacrifice an upgrade rune, collected from certain foes, each time you die. This sounds like a bit of an overwhelming mish-mash, but SOV nibbles with reserve at each of these concepts, hamster-cheeking only the bits relevant to its astoundingly potent momentum and “cult flash game you all bunked off sociology to play and when the teacher came to tell you off they forgot and just watched it for a bit” charm. (I mean this entirely in terms of moreishness and focus. You’d be as hard pressed as a burnt waffle to find an old flash game with pixel art this good.)


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