SHAVE & STUFF Free Download GAMESPACK.NET So this may be the best barbershop / tattoo artist experience in VR. Sadly, it’s far from what I would consider a good simulation of either being a barber or a tattoo artist. It’s a very simplified, arcade, & often unrealistic arcade experience that is closer to mini-game than anything else. It took me about an hour to unlock everything. Obviously, you can continue playing in any of the three modes available for endless play. They include barbership mode, tattoo parlor mode (you’re really a barber who also does a tattoo), and the creative mode. Game is running on the Unity Engine. I did have frame rate drops during my gameplay. You also have full locomotion and smooth turning available. I found I did have to play standing though, otherwise I was too low to the ground. You can adjust the barber chair, but not enough for seated play (at least not for me). You also have magnet hands. Overall, the game was just okay. If you’re looking for an arcade game where you can do some silly hair cuts or tattoos, then you may enjoy this game. If you’re looking for a realistic experience, you’ll be sorely disappointed. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I have it on Quest, its okay for 5 mins of fun. The idea is more appealing than the execution – the tools to cut hair etc are all a bit too coarse so even with utmost care it will look bad and the customers just randomly seem to hate on something when it’s exactly what they asked for as a result. Once you realise you can’t guarantee a good result, it becomes pointless. There was an Iphone Toca Boca hairdressing app for kids and honestly this feels like that in VR. I bought it, its fun! It might be aimed at a younger crowd but still a fun experience for me as an adult. What I like most is that the customer is sitting still on a chair in front of you, making it possible to use full room scale features to walk around the customer without the need of using the sticks to move around in VR. This makes you feel and move around like a real barber and is the highlight for me personally. It gives some extra depth to the immersion. Also, I thought this game was just being a barber. There’s actually a tattoo parlor option as well! Fun times!  WALTZ OF THE WIZARD


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