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Serin Fate Free Download GAMESPACK.NET For the gameplay, the choice is really up to you. When I started the game I just hung around my farm. A nearby NPC gives you several mini-quests which you can follow in the main menu that do a pretty good job of getting you used to the game’s mechanics. But once things open up you can really just play the game how you want. And boy is there a lot to do in this game. You can cast various spells with a mini hot bar by entering an elemental combination. You can farm, craft and fish each of which has its own mechanics that feel a little different from typical games in this genre. When chopping trees and mining you summon a magical spirit to do the job for you so you can get on with something else. Fishing even plays like a mini-game where you move your lure through a little water maze. What makes the game stand out most for me was the little surprises. Like discovering you can ride a broomstick to get about quicker. Another feature I loved is your character levels up the more you use certain actions, for example, farming levels up your farming stats and fighting monsters naturally levels up your combat. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Serin Fate Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features a procedurally generated world that is unique to each playthrough, providing players with a new and exciting experience every time they play.

You can then sink various points you earn into a detailed perk tree to increase your stats further. Serin Fate will not hold your hand throughout the journey, not even in the beginning. There is a lot to discover in this game, and you will have to depend on yourself to figure things out, at least for most of the time. There is barely any direction and even basic game mechanics aren’t really explained. This lack of guidance and information actually starts in the very beginning. You get to create a character and while doing this, you have to pick one of three races (human, serin or val). Unfortunately, it is not at all explained what race has what benefits. It also took me a while to figure out there was a freaking skill tree, or a perk tree as it’s called in the game. These things should be super clear from the start. I understand the developer’s choice to make this a difficult and hard game, but things like this should be explaind as it created a feeling of helplessness from the very start, where there shouldn’t be one. I just want to create my character and have some background information on things, you know. I think a lot of people will get frustrated because Serin Fate does not hold your hand at all and this might prevent other players from buying it.

Dynamic day-night cycle and weather system

Yes, the Steam page mentions that heavy grinding is required so most players will be aware of this before they start to play. However, the amount of grinding and the vagueness around it can be quite annoying. The beginning of the game is really hard, like getting through that damn forest is incredibly difficult. I died a lot and it took me a while to become strong enough, and still, during the nights I don’t really go in there because I will sure as hell end up dead. But again, the game doesn’t always explain what you need to do or how long it will take for you to be strong enough. It’s a lot of trial and error, and thus, a lot of dying. This can be nasty especially due to the overall vagueness during the entire game. The overall package does comprise a handful of points that, if they were fleshed out, would have been quite interesting. The lore has the potential to be adequate. Eldest Souls

Serin Fate Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Serin Fate Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The ball is dropped, though, because Serin Fate has no desire to capitalize on it seemingly. For instance, I enjoyed how it manipulates phrases we’d say in everyday life, giving it a twist that’s faithful to this world. It adds an element of whimsy. Sadly, it’s also a look into a dim glimmer of passion that’s M.I.A within further literary snippets. Hell, the archetypes utilized, such as the determined princess or mean girl, are so basically realized and boring. The pacing is discombobulated, rendering any wonderment utterly null. Nothing about it was exciting, and I ultimately didn’t care about anything. That’s a problem in a genre that thrives off quirky, slice-of-life elements. I’m huge into Pokémon. Some would go so far as to classify me as a fanatic. The concept of capturing little critters before doing battle enthralls me. So, imagine my giddiness upon discovering that Serin Fate exerts pieces of that same ideology. Within the various areas, there’s a slim chance of crossing a unique animal. Balls won’t be what’s harnessed when catching them, though, or, at least, not in the physical form. You see, magic is integral to this universe, and because of that, a sphere of pure energy is what’s on the menu. Admittedly, it all sounds pretty identical thus far, but where it differentiates is, unlike Pokémon, there are no evolutions.

Crafting and resource gathering mechanics

The similarities only extend so much but include breeding. The problem is, in about 25 hours of playing, I caught one female. Due to the lopsided nature of finding this single gender, it mitigates usage.Besides the original ways to regain mana (like drinking potions) there is one way that I really loved. When you’re sleeping, an astral projection of your character shows up and you can play as it. As your spirit form, you have to go outside and look for falling rune stones. These will help you to recharge your mana in an easy way. I found this to be a very original way, and it’s really cool that you’re doing something even when you’re asleep! Skill tree | Every time you level up, you get stat and skill points. The stat points can be awarded to Combat, Chimera Power, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality. Depending on whether you want to focus on decreasing Chimera sleepiness, increase physical offense, increase max HP, etc., you can distribute your XP stat points as you wish. Then there is also a skill or perks tree in which four perks are of importance: Witchery, Harvest, Combat, and Necromancy. Element 174 Uncensored 

Serin Fate Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players can customize their character with a variety of weapons, armor, and abilities, allowing them to tailor their gameplay experience to their preferences.

You’ll get points per perk and unlocking new skills require a certain amount of points. Plus, you have to be able to reach a perk, meaning that you need to unlock the previous linked skill first. It’s a pretty basic system, but keeping track of this skill tree is so very important because it offers some very interesting perks! You can focus more on playing the game as an action-adventure going out slaying monsters and levelling up. You can also capture chimera to fight by your side. It was pretty awesome to have my little beetle friend help me in battle. What I will caution is this is not a game that breaks you in easily. Most mechanics, features or even following the quest line don’t become very clear unless you just let yourself get lost in the game. Some gamers may expect a little more direction and tuition but I have to say I kinda liked this design. It reminded me a lot of the older days of gaming where you just kinda discovered things for yourself. If you’re willing to take the time it takes to do that you’ll find Serin Fate to be a very engrossing experience. This is a game you’re probably going to be playing for the entire year on and off much like similar games in the genre. So if you’re looking for a quick pick up and play experience this really isn’t it.

Challenging boss battles with unique mechanics

For the seizure of a monster, weakening them won’t be fruitful. Serin Fate sets itself apart from other methods, using distance as the deciding factor – close proximity is the equivalent of near-death. It employs a stealth mindset in the player as you sneakily have to walk towards them, hiding in the grass to avoid detection. Moreover, because there’s no need to purchase anything, grinding for cash is no longer a worry. Mana is the required resource that can be recovered by simply slaughtering everything in sight. Granted, getting them to drop what’s needed isn’t a guarantee, but with progression, the bolstered mana capacity I’d gain helps supplement the discrepancy. That then triggers the perpetual cycle of casting the capture spell, murdering, then rinse and repeat. They respawn at a fair speed, too, meaning any retries were swift and immediate. I never had to meander around aimlessly, waiting. Eleven Table Tennis

Serin Fate Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Serin Fate Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

My main niggle with the game is the control system. The game has been ported over from PC and some of the control systems don’t feel very adapted to Nintendo Switch. The game mixes using button presses with a cursor (which would be mouse controls on PC). It just comes across as very fiddly on Nintendo switch and feels like it could be simplified for consoles. Navigating through the games various hot bars and menus take some time to get to grips with. Another notable niggle is the text boxes are very small in handheld mode, certainly bringing the eye strain on for me. That or maybe I need reading specs. Even though this is the games ver 1.0 release on Nintendo Switch I can’t help but wonder if it will receive further patches in the future much like other games in this genre.

Unsurprisingly, crafting plays a significant role in Serin Fate. It’s not an original idea, but the execution is rather clever, encouraging you to go out and collect items. You see, recipes aren’t given through quests. Instead, they’re rewarded by grabbing hold of the drops of monsters or the treasures found in chests before analyzing each one. Doing so records them all into your notebook and potentially unlocks the means to construct various objects like weapons, armour, woodcutting tables, and so much more. I was always curious whenever I’d gather something I’d never seen, like a mouldy cloth or monster statue. What I especially loved was when looking inside the titular notebook, there’s a small photo of the item, along with a sentence worth of description, and whatever amalgamation embraces that specific thing as an ingredient. It’s bloody fun, but sadly, it’s hiding a dark secret.


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