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Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I’m not sure what I really expected from a game called Priest Simulator. Maybe you’d listen to someone’s confession and choose from a drop down list of penances to assign to the sinner? Or you’d officiate a wedding via a minigame where you have to pick the right verses and get the bride and groom’s names right? Maybe rotating a thumbstick to swing that… that brass thing, whatever it is, on a chain, the thing that… like, smoke or steam or incense comes out of it? Sorry, I was not raised with religion, haven’t pursued it as an adult, and the last time I was inside a church it was with Father Grigori in Half-Life 2. But even as uninformed as I am, when I imagine a simulation game you play as a priest, it’s not anything like what I see in the trailer for Priest Simulator. It begins with a scary voice loudly declaring “Hell is my playground!” before the priest, in first-person, begins wildly punching the air and sending fireballs into some sort of giant spider perched atop the ruins of a city. More highlights: A bus is picked up and thrown through the roof of a building TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Though I am not certain if the priest is responsible or just a witness. There’s more punching, this time of either a demon or someone just wearing a demon mascot head. Metal music blasts throughout. Then, at least, we see a confession. At last! Real priest stuff. “I don’t see any point in my family,” a wide-eyed (perhaps eyelidless) woman is saying, no doubt echoing a thought most of us have had at one time or another. “Honor thy father and thy mother,” the priest selects from various options, before receiving what appears to be a total of 7 Priest Points (?) for making the right choice. When we next see the priest he has a blade strapped to the back of one hand and a large hammer in the other and is brutally killing a bunch of people or monsters, first in the woods and then a graveyard. He drives a car, he chugs wine, he buys a sack of holy communion concentrate. There’s a lot going on and little of it fits my admittedly poor knowledge of things a priest does.

A great UI, but the controls are clumsy

According to the developer, Asmodev Priest Simulator is an “action mockumentary” that will introduce you to “the fantastic world of modern Poland.” I honestly can’t begin to speculate on the veracity of that statement, though one reviewer says “I’m Polish and can confirm this is 100% realistic polish priest simulator.” I also cannot verify that statement, and will make absolutely no effort to do so. I have played some strange and mind-boggling games in the past. Yet, none have left me quite as confused as Priest Simulator. After investing many hours into its free Steam demo I was left reeling. The core simulation concept is sound, however, the story is so absurd I was left scratching my head. Developed by Asmodev and published by Ultimate Games, this is a sim game combined with other genres. This single-player, FPS, hack ‘n slash title will make you chuckle while wondering what the heck is going on. DEADLY NIGHT 

Priest SimPriest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NETulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NETPriest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The village of San De Ville is quaint but not quiet. Its residents stand up for what they believe in, and this causes friction between the factions that reside there. Priest Simulator is unbelievably weird. I’ve played an eclectic array of simulator titles, so one about being a priest didn’t phase me. Yet, I couldn’t have guessed quite how bizarre my gaming experience was about to be. With lashings of gratuitous violence, begging for funds, and racing around in a small Eastern European car, I clearly don’t know a lot about the priesthood. The story is set in a tiny village that is Christian at its core. Yet, not everyone agrees with this religious view and factions begin to form. Christians, Satanists and ‘bums’ (atheists) all share this small community. You control Orlok – a cunning vampire who accidentally becomes the village priest. Moreover, this would be weird enough until you discover what the village is famous for.

Priest Simulator has great cinematic

San De Ville is inexplicably renowned for a deadly chilli eating contest! People flock from around the country to enter and become famous. The exploits of this event and the village are captured by an ‘influencer’. She wishes to capture every juicy moment while boosting her fame. As I said, it’s bloody odd and makes little sense, but don’t let that put you off. Because it’s a simulation title, there are standard mechanics at play. You must complete tasks, renovate areas, and perform your godly duties. Yet, even these mundane elements have a surreal twist to them. Subsequently, the weirdness increases and so does the laughter. Orlok isn’t your normal priest, however, you can’t blame him for being a little unorthodox. After all, he stumbled into the job by accident. Whenever trouble strikes, and this happens regularly, you must use a multitude of tools at your disposal. Dead By Daylight

Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NETPriest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

You may bludgeon your foes to death, lift objects with your powers of telekinesis, shoot them with your shotgun glove, and more. These items can be upgraded on your journey and this improves their durability, power, and strength. Alongside the murder, there are some standard housekeeping moments. You will renovate the village or church, clean up graffiti, and complete other mundane tasks. You are also required to collect funds from your followers, quell any uprisings from the Satanists, and spread the word of God. Once you have completed those tasks, you must tackle exorcisms alongside other jobs. These wonderfully strange tasks make up the core storyline as well as the side quests. Taking on every mission allows you to enjoy a rich and surreal experience. Its blend of genres works well, and though it is strange, and it may confuse you, it’s a brutal and fun ride while it lasts.

Just a day in the life of a priest

I don’t play simulator games to be wowed by the graphics, though Microsoft Flight Sim did impress me. Priest Simulator, on the other hand, is a very standard affair. Its world is nice and colourful and great to explore, but that’s about it! The characters are weird but serviceable, yet they are not amazing. Subsequently, it’s pleasant to look at, but it could easily be mistaken for any other sim title. However, one element does stand out, and that’s the docusoap cinematic. The grainy and jittery footage captures the amateur efforts of the would-be ‘influencer’ perfectly. These short scenes broke up the gameplay nicely and were a welcome addition. Though the graphics didn’t surprise me, the audio fared much better. The excellent combination of voice acting and unusual sound effects will make you chuckle. You’ll love listening to the dialogue and following orders as the creepy voices fill the air.

Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Priest Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Furthermore, the sound of crunching bones, crashing furniture, and brutal bludgeoning never got old. In typical sim fashion, there are plenty of mechanics to understand and buttons to press. Fortunately, Priest Simulator has this covered thanks to its great user interface. The combination of radial menus makes selecting objects and tools an easy task. However, what was noticeable were the clumsy controls. They weren’t as responsive as I’d hoped and this is noticeable when you drive your car. Trying to steer your hatchback was a tedious and unenjoyable task. This was disappointing, as zooming around the village while running down your foes should have been a highlight. Simulation titles have a tendency to become stale and boring, yet Priest Simulator didn’t. Helped by its absurd story and variety of missions, I found it captivating throughout. In its current build, I cannot say if it’ll have replay value.

From a first-person view, you’ll run around the fairly large play area of the church, residential areas and the woods, following markers or perhaps having a wander. The playable stage isn’t overwhelmingly large, but should you feel inclined, you can pray for a car at designated hotspots, and they’ll spawn for you to drive. It’s a bit like Far Cry in that sense. Well, minus the praying. Combat is mostly meleeing, and it works very well – very frantic and visceral with the claret splattering about like nobodies business. Ideal for a vamp. However, this element was mildly annoying as you’ll get rushed by three or four Shatanists, but if you run around one, by the time they swing, the others will have hit them too. Rinse and repeat and combat is very easy at this stage. Additionally, if walking is too much of an effort, your character can use the power of prayer to encourage Christianists to follow you and do God’s beatings on your behalf. DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation


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