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Placid Plastic Duck Simulator Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The worst moments are definitely in these opening sections. Once you’ve got over the hump of understanding that no, you can’t move them, and yes, it is a screensaver, you are stuck with a single duck. And a single duck is not where it’s at. You need a lot of plastic ducks (what’s the collective noun for rubber duckies? A honk? A bob?) for Placid Plastic Duck Simulator to have any merit whatsoever, and that requires an investment of at least half an hour, admittedly without you needing to actually watch.  You see, new ducks get air-dropped into the swimming pool at a rate of about one every two minutes. Those new ducks are pulled from ‘The Collection’: a handy guide of every duck in the game, accessible from the pause menu. Which duck is entirely random (although we suspect there is some rarity attached to them, as ‘Special’ ducks get added less frequently). One of the miniscule joys of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is seeing what duck will arrive next, whether it’s one you’ve had before, and spotting if it has a unique property. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

That mention of unique properties is Placid Plastic Duck Simulator’s saving grace. On occasion, a duck arrives that has an effect on other ducks. A propellor-hatted duck can fly, momentarily, into the air. That’s useful, as it can knock an ice block out of a tree or land on a flamingo lilo. A flaming duck can set flammable ducks alight, as well as – spoiler – melting that ice block. There are ducks that sink, and ducks that spray water; ducks that gang-tackle other ducks, and ducks that magnetise. Obviously you can’t encourage these interactions, so you’re left hoping they will happen, which – if we’re being honest – wasn’t that often, as we mostly played Placid Plastic Duck Simulator AFK. But the fact that the designers coded these interactions gives us a little glow in our hearts. It isn’t a complete grift.   Sun Haven


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