Pixel Gun 3D: PC Edition


Pixel Gun 3D: PC Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Pixel Gun 3D: PC Edition Free Download GAMESPACK.NET, Join millions of veteran Pixel Gun 3D players and experience ten years of updates, maps, modes and features in this iconic, expansive pixel multiplayer shooter. Battle in arenas across multiple competitive modes, cooperate against monster hordes or become the hero of the multiverse in an expansive solo story mode. Unlock, collect and upgrade over 1500 unique weapons across six varied categories, from the humblest of pistols to the most spectacular artillery to blast your way across this blocky world. Customize them with modules, suit up in powerful armor and personalize your loadout Embrace the block madness and rise to the top! Participate in monthly tourneys and events, improve your aim and dish out some block-rocking beatdowns. Climb the leaderboards and become a living legend among Pixel Gunners and master this shooter game! TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Team up with your pals or frag them across a vast number of game modes and maps. Co-op games, massive Battle Royales, a universe-hopping campaign and mini-games of all sorts, including parkour and racing. Whatever your flavor of action, we’ve got it all on tap, plus epic clan wars for the most dedicated and competitive Pixel Gunners. Express yourself and join the friendly Pixel Gun 3D community, picking from hundreds of distinct avatars, capes, pets, cosmetic items and more. The most creative among you can even create your own character skin from scratch, pixel by pixel! Veteran Pixel Gunners will feel right at home here. Those of you who started playing as a kid and have been on this decade-long journey with us will find your account ready to link to Steam. Relive days gone by and gear up for a universe of new experiences, as PIxel Gun 3D expands into this new era on PCs of all shapes and sizes! The Callisto Protocol


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