PAYDAY 3 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Every time I learn something new about Payday 2, I get disappointed in Payday 3. For the last 10 years, Payday 2 has quietly been one of the most consistently popular co-op shooters on Steam. It’s ostensibly a serious FPS heist game where you infiltrate buildings and escape with valuable loot, but over the years Starbreeze has stuffed its canon with ridiculous crossovers, including material from Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, Scarface, and John Wick. It’s effectively an R-rated Fortnite that celebrates the absurdity of heist films where a small team of criminals pull off the biggest and most ridiculous crimes in history. Payday 3 dials everything back down to zero and could easily be mistaken for a reboot. Most of the original crew return from the previous games, but seem to have forgotten where Payday 2 left off. Payday 3’s eight-mission storyline is so serious and straightforward that it was hard to believe I was playing the sequel to a game where a character swaps bodies with the President of the United States after breaking into an ancient bunker beneath the White House. While playing Payday 3, I was retroactively sold on Payday 2 and disappointed by the sequel’s reluctance to embrace its predecessor’s absurdity. But Payday 2 launched a decade ago as a very different thing than it eventually became, and Payday 3 could be on the same track. Despite its flattened tone, in big firefights it’s still one of the slickest co-op shooters I’ve played. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Payday 3’s biggest issue is exemplified in its fourth mission, Rock the Cradle, which is the only mission where stealth is basically mandatory to bring home a worthwhile pile of cash. Three random players and I spent an hour and a half trying and retrying to swipe a USB drive full of cryptocurrency out from under a nightclub of rich New Yorkers undetected. Our team squeezed through neon crowds looking for a way into the VIP areas without catching the eyes of the security guards or cameras. On the radio, our handler gave us two options: forge a ticket to get into the VIP section or distract the bouncer guarding the main entrance. Payday 3’s objectives are straightforward but the steps to achieve them take time to discover as you explore a level. They’re slightly randomized, too, so you need to spend a while casing the place to start. It was my first time on the mission, so I followed my team’s lead and dashed from room to room to try and keep up, but didn’t realize someone had left a door open for a guard to see me crouch-walking around. The alert meter filled up and I panicked. Magic Research 2

Guards in Payday 3 won’t shoot you on sight for trespassing, but they’ll cuff you and escort you out. That is, unless you panic and start running, hoping they’ll lose track of you. I had completely missed the yellow circle you’re supposed to stay within to calmly handle the situation and instead alerted every cop in the building. As soon as you go loud in this mission, it’s barely worth continuing, but the other players were fine with giving it another shot. It was one of the few times my teammates actually used the text chat to give tips on how to avoid getting caught. Most of the people I was grouped up with in Payday 3 were nice, but without a voice chat feature, I wouldn’t expect a lot of detailed communication in-game.


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