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Operation Flashpoint Red River Free Download GAMESPACK.NET It’s a military shooter set in Tajikistan, but you know where it’s really set. Red River’s another one of those acutely modern combat games most of the games industry seems obsessed with right now, but importantly it’s not one you can beat by running forward and spraying bullets everywhere. This is a game about caution and teamwork as much as it is personal accuracy, and in such melodramatic, ludicrous times for shooters its stern, unforgiving tactical violence is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately that breath threatens to lose its refreshing tang, as Red River quickly suffers from a shortage of the gloss that characterises its stupider peers. It’s entirely unfair to expect every shooter to enjoy the sky-high budgets of Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Homefront et al, or indeed to spend the resources it does have on spectacle and set pieces, but that doesn’t really excuse spending a good portion of your in-game time sat motionless on a long jeep ride while your commanding officer apparently reads aloud every last entry in Mr Naughty’s Big Book Of Naughty Swears for his own amusement. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

I bought this game on the 360 back in 2008 when it first released, I was so pumped to play when I got home. I still have this physical copy of the game and sadly the server is always empty for coop mission. I wish they would bring this game over to steam I would buy it again. I like the different classes you can play as, the graphics was ok, and pretty good story line. I noticed most of the bugs when doing the mp sometime the enemy ai would lag so hard when they start attacking your position, when doing the downed helo search/rescue it is hard to get the pilots follow your commands, sometimes the pilots would wonder off after you locate them and get killed causing the mission to fail.  LOSER SIMULATOR

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