ONE LAST DINNER  Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The game is a walking sim. Your goal is to investigate several crime scenes across the map and look for proof. Locations are small and do not have much to offer. If you have trouble finding them, you can use the sixth sense that highlights them and allows you to see them through walls. The graphics are detailed and of decent quality, and the game doesn’t struggle with performance. Optimization is fine because the game runs without hiccups even with all sliders pushed to the max. However, there are significant clipping issues due to paper-thin walls. If you stand right next to a wall and look down, your head will pass through. This allows you to peek into the room without opening the door. Another issue is the strange and illegible markings on the wall, which only appear when you turn the camera in the right direction. However, these issues can be overlooked. What cannot be overlooked is the fact that the game cannot be played properly due to untranslated language and broken progress. It turns out that evidence doesn’t matter. The real goal in each place is to interact with the exit door. This triggers four questions, which lead to four digits that you must enter to leave the location. All questions are about the number of things on location, such as how many ashtrays, chairs, rooms, etc. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The problem? The questions are in Turkish. In order to solve the crime, I needed to take a screenshot and translate the text through external means. But this doesn’t always work. In one of the cases, the questions don’t have anything to do with the items found on location. Once you find the code, you find yourself back in the map room or in an interrogation room from which you can’t leave. All you can do is talk to the suspect. Door doesn’t do anything, and you can’t return to the main menu. The only option is to quit the game. Map doesn’t mark solved cases, so you’ll have to solve it again if you click on it by mistake. The content doesn’t fit the price. This is a common problem with developers who try to set unrealistic prices due to regional pricing. NIGHT POETRY


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