NIHILAND Free Download GAMESPACK.NET If story is important to you, then I wouldn’t recommend it at all tbh, the game is primarily focused on combat and exploration, but mainly combat, the story is just there and basically trash compared to the Witcher 3. However, I think the combat is MUCH better than the Witcher 3, but that’s pretty much it, so if that’s not good enough of a reason I suggest skipping it entirely or waiting for a large sale. For starters, I’m a big RPG fan and I widely consider The Witcher 3 the greatest game of all time. I love all of the things that come with a medieval times setting.. And I’d say a story is pretty important to me, to keep in engaged. Currently, this is a $70 game and I’m debating either waiting for this game to go on sale as I’m not sure if I’ll like it.. Or, going ahead and buying it, as it seems to have the potential to be a favorite game of mine. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Honestly, just a bit hesitant because of all of the negative reviews I’ve seen. But I also know that people can find one thing they don’t like about a game, and it impacts their whole review as they can’t get pass that said “one” thing.. So knowing all of this, would you recommend me getting this game? Anything that can be added? And as always, thank you. A very cool minimalist look at nihilism through the lens of exploring a dimension full of nihilistic answers and hopefulness. I really enjoyed the music and the realistic aesthetic. Not sure how I feel about the use of ConvAI in the game, but it did not work for me at all, so I guess…negatively? The rest of the game is interesting and enjoyable without the AI, so as I mentioned in the game, either code in a bunch of actual nihilism related answers or just leave it out entirely. 4.1.60CO


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