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My GarageFree Download GAMESPACK.NET Real trucker here. Even well equipped company garages can only really swap parts or make repairs to general items. Anything related to troubleshooting has to go to a special dealer certified mechanic. They have all the software required to interface with the truck, also this software is not always available to the general public and if it is it is a very expensive licensing fee and it doesn’t make sense to have all that in your own garage unless you are a dedicated mechanic who works on trucks all day. It’s an interesting “right to repair” issue. For example let’s say you have a truck with a cat c15 in it and you are getting white smoke out of your exhaust. You have some kind of issue in one of the cylinders, in a diy setting there is no easy way to turn off an individual cylinder. At a cat mechanic they can turn off each individual cylinder through the computer and say ok there is a problem on cylinder 4 it needs a new injector. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Yep. Pretty dumb right? SCS has basically committed this game to be a sight seeing simulator with the same prefabs copy and pasted across the whole map. I can’t remember the last time an actual trucking feature was added. You still can’t even slide your tandems without having to open a separate menu. We’re still delivering wind turbine blades to WalBert. We’ve had the same base 4 trucks in AI traffic for over 5 years now. SCS has their mind in all the wrong places with this game. The recent reviews on Steam are starting to show that, too. People are getting bored.  Millennia


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