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My Beautiful Paper Smile Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Not everything needs to be flashy, colorful, and in your face in order to be appealing. Sometimes a more simplistic approach can be more striking, especially if the art style and tone catch your eye. That’s what My Beautiful Paper Smile does, although I’ve only had the chance to play the first two chapters. That being said, the developer has stated that the final two chapters will be released at a later date. This black and white art style mixed with unsettling tones, dark storytelling, and simplistic gameplay hooked me right away. In this messed up land, children called The Joyous are kept in large prison-like facilities and are watched over by The Authorities, which are essentially prison guards. Each Joyous is forced to wear a paper mask with a permanent smile that they are warned to never remove. The character you play as even has a line stating that he hears voices when he tries to remove his mask, so there may be more to the masks than we initially believed. The Joyous are directed to always stay with their roommate because loneliness is dangerous, so you’ll always see groups of two children or more. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

My Beautiful Paper Smile Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features a distinct paper-craft art style that gives it a unique look and feel.

I know they always say swim with a buddy, but this takes it to new extremes. The only time that the Joyous are able to be alone is during their daily testing sessions. For some reason, the king of this land has decided that happiness is the only emotion that the Joyous are allowed to feel, with any other emotion being deemed as weakness. As part of this decree, the Joyous are put through testing sessions every day in order to test their resolve and determine who is strong and who is weak. Any Joyous who fails during the test or even ends the test feeling any semblance of sadness, anger, etc. gets taken away to some sort of punishment session. My Beautiful Paper Smile makes it clear right away that you’re in for a dark story with plenty of details that will unnerve you. What kind of person would do this to children? Why would they do this to them? Those are questions that we’ll hopefully learn the answers to by the end of all four chapters. You play as one of the Joyous who hears the voice of The Lost Child, a mysterious entity that we don’t know much about. This voice helps inspire you to find a way to escape, and without spoiling anything, you’ll get your chance soon.

Strange creatures lurk in dark corners Don’t stay out of the light too long.

The gameplay revolves around you walking around with the WASD keys and interacting with objects by using the mouse. It’s a nice combination of casual exploration games and point-and-click games. As you venture through the various areas of the game, you’ll be sneaking past enemies, solving environmental puzzles, finding collectibles, and taking in the scenery. Overall, the gameplay isn’t difficult, but there are some sections that can be a bit annoying. For example, there’s an area where you are tasked with luring a creature to a spot with masks and then placing masks on it in order to scare it away. By trial and error, you’ll end up learning how to pull this off and that you have to successfully do it three times to get rid of the creature for good. You have to be stealthy the entire time as well, and sometimes that doesn’t work out how you’d like. I was killed at least a half dozen times during this “fight” of sorts. Sometimes it felt like the creature would discover you and rush at you when you were far away from it and were being careful. It didn’t ruin the game, but it was a bit annoying. I mentioned collectibles, but I’ll keep it brief. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy 

My Beautiful Paper Smile Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

My Beautiful Paper Smile Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

During both chapters, there are hidden collectibles scattered throughout the areas you’ll be exploring. Chapter 1 has three types of tickets, while chapter 2 has three types of stones. If you find a complete set, then near the end of that chapter you’ll find a station where you can turn those collectibles in. Chapter 1 grants you access to some creepy shows, while chapter 2 gives you some interesting results with some fountains. Be forewarned, some of these collectibles are hidden really well, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to see something a little extra. Early on I stated that art style and tone can be enough to pull you in, and honestly those are the reasons I wanted to play this. Instead of being colorful, hyper-stylized, or even realistic, My Beautiful Paper Smile aims for a black and white, hand-drawn look. That’s not a bad thing either; in fact, it feels like a talented artist sketched out this world and added in all of the necessary shading in order to make the world feel creepy and polished. This design choice along with the clearly twisted story immerse you that much more.

Use the environment to hide and evade capture

The mostly quiet world has minimal sounds, which is unsettling as well, especially since many games have some sort of ambient noise or music playing in the background. Again, great choice for this kind of game. With all that being said, My Beautiful Paper Smile Chapters 1 and 2 aren’t very long, but they are the start of a disturbing story set in an interestingly twisted world. I can’t wait until chapters 3 and 4 get released so that I can continue the journey of this brave little Joyous. Until then, I’ll keep my paper mask on and not let anyone take my smile. My Beautiful Paper Smile is a psychological horror game about a child raised in some sort of shadowy facility, forced to wear a paper smile forever. It definitely delivers on the scares – the first one coming immediately if you attempt to take your mask off – but the gameplay is a little rough around the edges. If you’re looking for haunting, atmospheric storytelling with just a sprinkling of gameplay, My Beautiful Paper Smile has what you need. If you want a deeper experience though, you might find it wanting. The game takes place both inside and outside of the facility, but there’s an eerie feeling to every second of the game. Get To The Orange Door 

My Beautiful Paper Smile Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The characters, environments, and objects in the game are all made of paper, giving the game a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic.

Like all good horrors, the tension peaks and troughs throughout, yet always seems to be rising. The unsettling aesthetic of the scribbled paper helped capture this feeling of unease, as did the Rice Krispie crunch of every footstep. The first chapter feels like a Saw Dungeon Crawler, with each corridor changing shape every time you return to it. The enemies clearly all share a gothic pagan stylist too, with long robes, spidery limbs, horns, and covered faces featuring in spades, too. Unfortunately, these frightening foundations aren’t backed up enough by the gameplay, which frustrates you as much as it terrifies. There are some genuinely great moments – like when the first real enemy chases you down and forces you into a zig-zag dash for the door – but most enemy encounters are ideas which are only good on paper, badumdum tish. There’s zero instruction for any battles, and while some are pretty intuitive – attack the boss when his leg gets stuck – others are strangely complex, in a way which is thoroughly unsatisfying to crack. There’s a point when you must trap an enemy by placing masks on mannequins.

Free yourself from the Authorities ‘education’ facility

Said masks are only in a handful of boxes, some distance from the mannequins, and you need a perfect route to get there in time. Then, once you’ve done that, you die anyway, because you’re in fact supposed to linger nearby and click the enemy three times in a row, even though waiting around cuts down on your time to set the next mask up. Other times they chase you, and you’re never sure if you’re supposed to stand and fight, keep running and bash off any attack, or simply try and outrun them. I defeated them, and I’m still not sure. The only way to have it explained is if you die a few times, and even then it’s just helpful hints. Considering it’s impossible to know what you’re supposed to do at times, having the explanation be on the death screen is a deflating way to break the fourth wall. Maybe these are all supposed to frustrate you though, to capture the feeling of helplessness your character suffers with as he navigates the world, you might argue. That’s a generous interpretation at best, and it doesn’t allow for all of the other moments within the game. The gates and fences look incredibly similar, so there are times when you feel trapped Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed

My Beautiful Paper Smile Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

My Beautiful Paper Smile Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

but actually, you need to click on a specific, almost unmarked, fence post. Another time you’re told you go to sleep, and after much wandering around searching for a bed, I discovered you were instead supposed to click on the campfire. Important objects like keys and weapons aren’t always very visible when everything is made of paper either. As a story, My Beautiful Paper Smile is an 8, maybe even a 9 out of 10, especially if you’re patient enough to put up with a tale which is mostly revealed and cliffhangers disguised as a moving plot. But there are long stretches where the story takes a back seat for you to wander, and while the aesthetic is good, the game isn’t open-world and looking the part isn’t enough to carry it. My Beautiful Paper Smile is an ideal Let’s Play game, in that it’s probably much more fun watching someone else play than it is to do it yourself. One for the horror enthusiasts, but I don’t see it reaching across the aisles. There’s a part of nearly everybody that recoils instinctively from anything that tries too hard to imitate a human face, be it a mask, mannequin, or makeup job.

Whether it’s simple trust issues or some evolutionary holdover from a time when recognizing camouflage meant life or death, one rarely feels totally at ease around a false visage. My Beautiful Paper Smile—originally released in part through Early Access and now available in full—takes place in a kingdom where citizens must wear rictus-grinning masks at all times, and the very sight of the so-called “Joyous” with their perpetual smiles is enough to let us know that something is deeply wrong here. That holds true for better and worse throughout the game, which manages a steady stream of solid scares against a dark and menacing background but whose gameplay never quite comes together to match. The story takes place in an unnamed island kingdom whose ruling monarch has established a series of facilities to mold children into the Joyous: cadres of identically clothed individuals (tatty dresses for girls, shorts and an oversized jacket for boys) who are forbidden to remove the frightfully exaggerated masks affixed to their faces or to express anything like a negative emotion. Monitoring their development are the horned and hooded

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