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Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Monster Jam Steel Titans I stated “the foundations are here for a refreshing and unique experience, but they need building upon and refining”, and that’s exactly what developer Rainbow Studios has done. There’s a lot more meat to Monster Jam Steel Titans 2, and it’s also more playful and polished. If offers the usual stadium events that are full of thrills and spills but are presented in a po-faced manner, yet alongside them are fantastical open worlds and a career that places events within them. After a brief tutorial to get you up to speed with the basics of driving a monster truck, you’re let loose on the first of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2‘s open areas. And at that point, you’ll only have two very basic monster trucks to take for a spin. To unlock the other 30-odd that are available, you need to put some work in. Each free-roam area has one vehicle you can unlock by locating the secret spot hinted at by a billboard. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players can choose from 38 different trucks, including fan favorites like Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, and Max-D.

The rest you’ll have to earn by completing events. World Career offers 20 chapters for you to work through, each offering multiple events. You’ll find yourself engaged in timed destruction challenges, trick-based freestyle competitions, waypoint races and more, keeping you on your toes from one chapter to the next. And in a strange RPG-like twist, you’ll level up your monster trucks as you go, improving their performance. You can even make use of boost in these events, and special bonuses can be in effect depending on the theme of the vehicle you’ve chosen. It all makes for a fairly enjoyable single-player campaign. If you like your monster truck action a little more serious, however, there’s The Big Show. This collection of stadium-based championships takes you on a tour, competing in head-to-head tournaments as well as timed destruction, two-wheel skills and freestyle events in each location. You can still earn experience to level up your trucks, but boost and special effects are disabled. Compared to the short and sharp collection of events found in each chapter of World Career though, these championships feel drawn out.

38 trucks to choose from and five new outdoor worlds

Head-to-head races generally just have you going round in circles, while trick-based events don’t differentiate themselves enough from one another to keep you glued to the screen. Reaching the end of World Career or The Big Show doesn’t have to be the end of your time with them, as ‘Plus’ versions are unlocked upon their completion. And there’s plenty to do outside of them, too. Each free-roam area has five collectibles for you to find and collect, and there are also secret tokens to acquire for each and every monster truck in the game. Some of these even require you to solve puzzles, or complete challenges. And finally, to unlock the bonus effects unique to each monster truck theme, you need to complete special events. All in all, Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 has plenty to do to occupy your time. There’s even split-screen and online multiplayer. As ever though, it’s an acquired taste. The unique characteristics inherent to monster trucks mean that racing them outside of a stadium setting can be a frustrating affair. At speed, hitting the slightest obstacle or undulation can have catastrophic results, resulting in a restart being required if you want to nab first place. Family Man Switch NSP

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

And when you’re competing in stadiums, succeeding in trick-based events can often feel like more of a case of luck than skill unless you really have mastery of your chosen vehicle. You may also feel that the combo counter often doesn’t register that awesome trick you just pulled off – or at least not in time to keep your combo going. Other than the issues usually attributable to monster truck games, the only other areas in which Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 doesn’t overly impress are audio and visuals. The soundtrack is a bit dire, and you’ll be tired of your AI assistant TINA’s voice from the get-go. On top of that, while the visuals aren’t by any means bad, stadiums are as uninspiring as ever, while free-roam areas can be overly barren in places. It’s certainly not for everybody, but those who are keen on driving four-wheeled monstrosities in open environments and flinging them around stadiums will be in their element with Monster Jam Steel Titans 2. It doesn’t really excel in any area, but it is one of the best attempts at bringing the joy of driving monster trucks to the video game world regardless.

Drivers train at Camp Crushmore and compete in authentic stadiums

A nice variety of events and activities are on offer, and it boasts what is perhaps the largest number of Monster Jam vehicles to get behind the wheel of yet. It’s by no means essential, but if you’re after a racing game that’s a little bit different, you can do a lot worse. Everyone knows that monster trucks are cool. Whether or not you’re in the front row cheering at your nearest rally, the sheer ambition of watching a larger-than-life four-wheeler doing tricks and crushing anything in its path is undeniable. Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2 puts you back behind the wheel of one of these behemoths, sending you both into packed arenas and expansive open worlds. In many ways, it captures much of the essence of why monster trucks are fun and transfers it effectively to a game in some unexpected ways. Occasional design frustrations and physics hiccups keep it from hitting the sweet spot directly, but for as many ways as the game could have gotten stale or annoying, I found myself continually impressed with the wide variety of fun, arcadey gameplay. As you might expect for a monster truck game, much of Steel Titans 2 consists of grandiose competitions in arenas. Family Matters 

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

: Experience new environments, including the beaches of Southern California, the city streets of New York, and the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Some of these are quick races no more than a minute around a small track. Others are trick-based, from normal freestyles to more unique ones, like the event where the only combos that count are ones that include two-wheeled tricks and the destruction event where you barrel through as many of the cars and boxes as possible in a certain time. These events aren’t treading any new ground from the first game, so they benefit from being as short-lived as they are. It’s mostly enjoyable to do a race or trick event quickly for a quick shot of competition, but when you start to do more of them consecutively, the repetition becomes more of an issue. The number of tricks you can perform is limited, with the backflip being the most exotic trick there is, and the races inside the arena lose their luster after a while. Luckily, the career is split into series of three or four of these events at a time, so you’re rarely forced to do so many at once as to become stale. The Championship events are a different story, as they’re far longer, more tedious repetitions of the same few events, and are generally less enjoyable than any career event or exploring the world.

Including Higher Education, Sparkle Smash and Grave Digger!

Where Steel Titans 2 differs from an actual monster truck experience is the events that happen outside the arena. When you’re not in a packed stadium, you’re in one of a handful of mostly dense open areas that are surprisingly fun to traverse. The environments are a mixed bag of creativity, ranging from a wide-open desert to a true dog park, but they all encourage exploration. You’re not required to find anything around the environments to progress the career, and there really isn’t that much to find in total. Regardless, the enjoyability of driving the trucks makes exploring that much more satisfying anyway. Even without looking for any collectibles, I was constantly trying to reach new heights or find new paths for the sole reason of seeing if it was possible. Many structured events take place in the open environments, too, usually in the form of longer races. Instead of the minute-long arena races, the outside ones are more familiar waypoint races that traverse larger parts of the world. The only twist to some events is the derby races, which face half of the trucks in the opposite direction and encourage ramming into each other head on. Family, Friends and Strangers

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

These outside races allow the gameplay to embrace its arcadeyness more so than the arena ones, which is why they’re more fun. In a lot of ways, it almost feels like a grown-up cart racer, and it’s clear that there are a lot of pieces of games like Mario Kart floating around here, even if it’s a bit more macho in this package. Everything from the precise drifting to the boosts and the simple feeling of total control over your truck invite the comparisons to the cart racers that came before it, and it puts up an impressive fight against the competition. I really enjoyed most of the time when I wasn’t constrained by the confines of the arenas because I had free reign to utilize the truck’s arcade-like feel. The game falls short of truly meeting the expectations of its arcade racing peers, though, by not fully embracing it. Primarily, the game often feels internally conflicted as to whether it wants to simulate what a real monster truck would do or allow you to be as ambitious as you want with no regard for reality. In this case, the former often holds back the latter. It’s natural that it doesn’t want every truck to do any trick in the book

but I found that the game’s physics tended to punish you for trying to go for it all instead of rewarding you, most notably with the result of your truck flipping over. In both inside and outside events, trucks flipping over becomes almost comically frequent, but it shifts to frustration when it feels like the game is trying to stop you from doing its most fun activities. I began to be afraid of gaining too much speed or even trying to pull off a normal drift because I couldn’t tell when my truck would flip, and in almost any event, inside or outside, race or skill, flipping meant almost certain failure or loss, especially in outside races, where losing any time trying to reset could put you to the back of the pack for the rest of the race. Some environments, especially the final two, suffer from being too prone to flipping as well, and despite being visually interesting to explore, I couldn’t wait to get out of there to avoid having to reset yet again. A similar problem pops up with the signposting within races themselves. The game is often woefully subpar at indicating the direction of the race’s path, often showing arrows just a split second before you need to turn.

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