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Mia and the Dragon Princess Free Download GAMESPACK.NET As I do with FMV games, I’ve had my eye on Mia and the Dragon Princess since it was announced last year. This one is a pretty straightforward interactive film with branching narratives. It’s made by two of the heavy hitters in contemporary FMV gaming, Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media, so I went in knowing it would probably be pretty solid. And it was… mostly. There were some hiccups along the way, but it’s still a good time. In the 1800s, a pirate princess goes missing after some pretty gnarly life events. This part of the story is told in animated form, which I quite like as it sets things up nicely. It differentiates the old legend part of the story from what happens in the now. We then cut to contemporary London, where a barmaid named Mia is daydreaming of future travels when her thoughts are cut short by her boss asking her to plunge a toilet. This immediately sets her up as a dreamer who is still grounded in a much more mundane kind of reality. She soon discovers a terrified woman in a hospital gown with a taser attached to her arm next to the garbage. She ends up bringing the mysterious woman into the bar and hiding her, as it’s clear she’s being chased by someone. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

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Players can create and customize their own characters, choosing from various classes and races, such as warrior, mage, elf, or dwarf.

She doesn’t speak English, so communication is extremely difficult early on. Simultaneous to all of this, Mia’s boss is being threatened by the owner of the restaurant above the bar, the Dragon Princess. He wants to buy the bar and will do anything – literally anything – to get his hands on it. As it turns out, he also wants to get his hands on the mysterious woman. So his group of scary dudes hold the pub’s patrons and workers hostage. This includes a spy on medical leave, two couples on dates (there’s a small funny side story here, I won’t spoil it), a tour guide and his followers, and a bartender. What happens from here really branches out into very different narratives. Not all are really worth seeing, but it’s worth going through the so-so endings to find your way to the good stuff. I feel like there’s one “true” ending, and the rest are just what-if scenarios. Will I play through all of them anyways? Yes. But only one of the story paths gives what feels like an entire story. The gameplay is pretty standard for this type of game. While it’s not anything super innovative, it fits with the style of game.

Starring ‘Chinese Kickboxing’ Black Belt, Dita Tantang

Players take control of Mia’s decisions. They’ll decide when to get involved versus when to stay out of it, when to be brave and when to cower, who to help, and other choices that can change the course of the story. When Mia makes a decision, her stats may change. These stats are shown in the top left corner of the screen, and are compassion, intelligence, bravery, responsibility, and knowledge. In general, I didn’t find them terribly necessary. The choices have a timer attached, but there’s an option for streamers that automatically pauses the game at these decision points. While obviously meant for streamers, I appreciate it because my brains and hands aren’t always (or ever) the quickest. Something in this game that I haven’t seen in many (if any, but my memory is terrible) FMV games before is a story tree that shows what path you’re on, what path you did last, and what scenes have been seen. It’s a great way to guide players to the unseen bits. Unfortunately, it just kind of breaks in the middle. At one point, there’s a choice between two directions. If you choose the first, everything works normally. Faeria Switch NSP 

Mia and the Dragon Princess Free Download Gopcgames.com

Mia and the Dragon Princess Free Download Gopcgames.com

If you choose the second, there’s a weird “skip” that happens, and you’ll end up jumping to somewhere without entirely understanding what on the tree took you there. Does it matter that much? Probably not to most people. But I’m an FMV completionist and it drives me batty that that scene just won’t be shown as being selected. I always appreciate some good casting in FMV games, and Mia and the Dragon Princess is no different. Mia is played by Noa Nikita Bleeker, and I find her portrayal of the character to be really earnest and stubborn, the perfect mix. The main villain is played by Doctor Who alum Paul McGann. It’s quite the difference to being, well, the Doctor himself. He’s imposing and, even through the screen, a bit scary. I definitely wouldn’t want to be trapped down a dark alley with him. The tour guide, Sebastian (played by Michael Geary), is another welcome character. He’s not overtly funny, it’s more subtle than that, but he does provide some comic relief. Some of the other bar patrons, like half of each of the dates, don’t really add a ton to the story; I find them rather forgettable, unfortunately.

Starring Paul McGann (Doctor Who) and MyAnna Buring (The Witcher)

There’s a lot of fighting and some gruesome things (mildly, I found, but I also watched six Scream movies over last weekend so I’m a bit desensitized), and Dita Tantang was a great choice for the mysterious woman, Marshanda. She’s portrayed as vulnerable yet strong and confident. Tantang is described on IMDB as “highly skilled in unarmed combat” and I can see that. I don’t know much about martial arts, but the fight scenes seem highly choreographed and heavily practiced. Mia and the Dragon Princess doesn’t really stand out amongst the crowd of interactive films; I doubt I’ll remember it in the same way as I remember The Complex, for example. It was an enjoyable time, enough for me to play through to try and get different endings a handful of times. Despite the broken spot in the story tree, it was a welcome addition to the gameplay experience. The acting was good, though some characters seemed unnecessary. One branch of the story felt complete, the others were definitely just dead ends and generally not terribly interesting. Is the game worth playing? Sure. Does it belong in the FMV hall of fame? I don’t think so. Fairune Collection Switch NSP

Mia and the Dragon Princess Free Download Gopcgames.com

These missions will take players through various environments, such as forests, caves, and castles.

Though Wales Interactive’s most recent FMV game, Ten Dates, proved the rom-com to be a surprisingly snug fit for the medium, the publisher’s bread-and-butter is undeniably their more high-stakes genre outings, and so their new release Mia and the Dragon Princess sees them return to more familiar – yet disappointingly inconsistent – territory. This martial arts-themed actioner revolves around Londoner Mia (Noa Bleeker), a waitress at the Dragon Princess restaurant with dreams of travelling. Mia ends up crossing paths with Marshanda (Dita Tantang), a mysterious woman running through the streets of London in nothing more than a hospital gown, with a tracking device attached to her wrist. When Mia helps hide Marshanda from her pursuers, it kickstarts a dangerous adventure involving Japanese royalty and legendary pirates, the origins of which date back 100 years. The potential for an ass-kicking, staunchly feminist homage to classic action B-movies speaks for itself here, yet Mia and the Dragon Princess frequently struggles to make one care about its wafer-thin story and characters.

So each choice needs to be carefully considered

Even with some animated asides interspersed throughout the game’s roughly hour-long runtime to detail Marshanda’s origins, there’s very little here that paints outside of the dead-cliched action-adventure playbook. It at least doesn’t take itself even remotely seriously; in one genuinely hilarious moment, after a man is mortally wounded by a portable canon (seriously), he says “Clear my browser history” moments before expiring. The tone is relatively goofy throughout, bar a few surprisingly violent moments, yet sometimes lurches into toe-curlingly corny territory, especially where some of its more gross-out elements are concerned. Whether Marshanda tagging along on a hen do, doing shots, and using novelty penis-shaped lights to navigate a tunnel is funny or lame will likely vary from player to player. It feels like the filmmakers were shooting for a fish-out-of-water vibe akin to the first Thor movie, though it only sometimes lands. As an FMV game, this is acceptably shot though not one of Wales’ better-looking titles; the filmmaking is relatively pedestrian throughout, from the flat colour grading to the personality-devoid camerawork and routinely rough VFX elements. Fairy Elements Switch NSP

Mia and the Dragon Princess Free Download Gopcgames.com

Mia and the Dragon Princess Free Download Gopcgames.com

Though Marshanda’s brief, stylishly choreographed fights are the game’s easy highlight, the generic coverage and excess of shaky cam undercut their impact somewhat. Also, this being an FMV game and all, it’s a shame there isn’t any interactivity focused around the fights themselves. Ultimately this is clearly a project produced on a limited budget, most evidenced by the few and fairly bland locations – a restaurant, a brick enclosure, a cave – though that wouldn’t really matter much if the writing were more creative and finessed. The performances are meanwhile a mixed affair; lead performers Noa Bleeker and Dita Tantang bring persuasiveness to the roles of Mia and Marshanda, though without naming names, some of the supporting performances deign to panto-level exaggeration. The two most famous faces among the cast, meanwhile, are unquestionably MyAnna Buring (The Witcher), who is basically here for a glorified cameo, and the great Paul McGann (Withnail and I, Doctor Who), whose quietly menacing performance as the primary antagonist is an easy highlight – albeit certainly not enough to compensate for the lackluster writing.

Mechanically this is absolutely standard fare for the FMV genre; though there are 10 possible endings to achieve, the game is largely defined by two main paths, and none of the game’s decisions offer more than two choices. While many of Wales’ previous games forced players to experiment in order to discover more of the available clips, Mia and the Dragon Princess presents a story tree right from the start, allowing players to see the various possible branching story paths at any time. If this perhaps undercuts the sense of discovery a little, it ensures that most players should be able to unlock all of the possible endings within three or four hours. As usual, players are able to skip previously watched content on repeat playthroughs, though once again the manner in which the clips are indexed means that you’ll often still have to sit through entire scenes again, which quickly becomes tiresome when you’re on your seventh or eighth run through the story. But at the end of the day, there’s so little meat and intrigue to the story – despite two decently varying paths – that you might feel like you’ve had your fill after just a couple of playthroughs.

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