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Lunar Lander Beyond Free Download GAMESPACK.NET In this new take on the classic Lunar Lander arcade game, you work for the Pegasus Corporation, and are sent on a mission to scout the moon. But quickly things go awry, and the organization you work for just might be hiding a deep secret that could destabilize the entire universe… Honestly, Lunar Lander Beyond’s story caught me by surprise. It isn’t hyper in-depth or will make you rethink life or anything, but considering how the original game really didn’t leave much room for a plot besides the most generic ideas you could come up with in your head, I was surprised at how Beyond slowly opened up to being a bit more risky with its story, connecting each world together in fun ways and making a narrative that at least provides enough material to make an interesting world. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

So, Lunar Lander! The original game always started as a game I’d try to play, I’d slowly get the hand of flying with that analog control, and still somehow mess up and crash hard into a crater no matter how hard I’d try to avoid such a fate. Of all of Atari’s earlier Arcade games, Lunar Lander was one of their toughest games for me to get into as a result of that tough learning curve, and Beyond keeps in line with that tradition, only with a lot more guidance to get adjusted to the curve. The main goal of each stage is really to just clear whatever objective they give you, and while landing at the end of the stage is usually the goal, there are plenty of side objectives and even completely different end goals thrown at you to keep the levels filled with variety, which I appreciate. Manor Lords

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