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Lemon Cake Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Lemon Cake is a time-management bakery simulator in the style of Diner Dash. You zip around an eatery, serving customers before they lose patience or leave empty-handed. But unlike the original Diner Dash, which was a hectic race against the clock, Lemon Cake feels a touch less frenzied. For instance, there seems to be no penalty for failing to serve customers. This new title is calmer but just as engaging. It’s also cuter and more customizable. You’ve got more choices, in recipes, shop upgrades, and personalized looks. All these reasons make Lemon Cake worth checking out, especially if you love time management or cooking games. The daily loop is addictive. You begin the day quietly with kitchen prep. Then throw open the bakery doors and serve customers, both dine-ins and take-outs. In between, do a hundred things: rescue burning buns, sweep up spills, replenish firewood, brush the cow (yep!), water the crops, restock window displays, bake new loaves, and whip up frozen desserts. Oh, and it’s lunch rush hour now! TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The day ends with a profit report, planning the next day’s menu, and perusing upgrades. You must occasionally catch bugs in the bakery, a mini-game that rewards you with extra cash (which is great at first but feels like busywork after a while, so I wish it were optional). Overall, Lemon Cake is fun and compulsive. The incentives are strong: you need to earn cash for those lovely upgrades and eventually unlock the climatic Lemon Cake recipe. But this incentive is also the source of my biggest frustration: the upgrades are too darn expensive. The game feels like a slow grind despite the enjoyable gameplay. For a long time I was making, say only $45 a day, while many upgrades cost around $200. One in-game day takes several minutes and therefore 30 to 45 minutes to reach each upgrade. To finish the game, I’m guessing it’ll take 15 to 20 hours or more. That seems a little long, considering new mechanics aren’t introduced throughout the game.  Wreckfest Free Steam Download


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