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LEGO Harry Potter Free Download GAMESPACK.NETLEGO Harry Potter still has you playing through a beloved franchise rebuilt and reimagined with LEGO bricks and minifigs, but this time around the developers seem to have solved a lot of the issues that were starting to make their popular games feel tired. Everything from the way the world looks to how minifigs move through it has been overhauled. And then there’s the magic. A Living World of Brick: This is the best looking LEGO game to date. The minifig characters can finally, fully interact with the LEGO world they inhabit. Physics have been added in a way that allows you to knock over chairs and kick loose bricks. It may sound like a minor thing, but coupled with the gorgeous new graphics, the world of LEGO Harry Potter sings.LEGO Harry Potter still has a central starting point of sorts for every level, but it doesn’t really feel that way. A bulk of the game’s action takes place at Hogwarts, but instead of having you walk through a door to start a level, or forcing you to aimlessly roam around on the hunt for the next story-triggering event, the game uses the fiction’s ghosts, specifically Nearly Headless Nick, as a guide. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

LEGO games have never featured particularly difficult puzzles to solve, and that hasn’t really changed for LEGO Harry Potter. But there is a lot more variety this time around thanks to all of those wonderful spells you learn at Hogwarts. By the end of Harry Potter, when you’re controlling characters with access to all of the magic of the game, you’ll find yourself switching between spells on the fly to work your way through levels.If you want to explore, feel free to. But if you want to continue the story, then pick up Nick’s trail of ghostly LEGO studs which guide you to the next key moment in the game. It’s a fantastic way to balance free-roaming play with narrative story-telling. Instead of just giving each of the game’s characters a couple of special abilities, LEGO Harry Potter has you working your way through the school years learning spells. Once learned, the spells are added to your arsenal of magic and can be used at any time. This adds a surprising amount of depth to the gameplay, puzzle solving and exploration. It’s also quite a bit of fun to use in little impromptu duels with your son. I especially love encasing him in a bubble as we race to the next area. Highwater


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