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Intravenous Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I’m going to apologize in advance here, folks. This review is going to contain a lot of reminiscing about the old days of gaming. Days where games were, to quote the youth of today, “hard AF”. Before the phrase “git gud” came about, and when the internet was for the more technically inclined (no AOL CDs were clogging our mailboxes back then). When I was a child, I was stuck at home quite a bit. I was sickly (well, I still am, but that’s besides the point), and spent a LOT of time trying to find my own fun. Eventually I got my hands on an Atari 2600. Later, a PC and an NES. I spent so much time playing games that I got really, REALLY good at some of them. Not to brag, but I figured out a method for beating every single level in Dig Dug (even with my eyes closed), and played for so long in one sitting that the TV started showing weird colors until it (briefly) crapped out. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Intravenous is billed as “A love letter to early Splinter Cell games”. So, when I say Intravenous hearkens back to the days of classic gaming, I hope you understand that I don’t mean the days of Half Life or the first Counter-Strike. Nor do I mean the days where strategy was just a consideration of “do I go left or right?”. No, I’m talking like the time I rented a game (which I can’t even remember the name of now) where you could start the game, place a knife in your mouth like a badass, and dive into the water only to find you ended up killing yourself because you put the knife in your mouth the wrong way.. And this was in the first level (the first person in the comments to help my addled brain recall what it was will get a free copy of Intravenous from me). It plays out with a story that even feels classic, my friends. Your brother is killed by drug dealers, and you’re out to play avenging angel (or devil, depending on your perspective). The delivery of the story is through text-based dialog and beautiful cutscenes retain that lovely retro art style, as well. Hero’s Hour


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