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InfraSpace Free Download GAMESPACK.NET the endgame becomes quite constrained by limitations on availability of “specialty” resources, most acutely Iridium, and to a lesser extent Aluminum and Uranium. This prevents ability to produce a city / production regime that would support say two (instead of only one) Adamantine mine. I don’t have an easy solution here, as the scarcity (and geographic distribution) of the “specialty” resources is part of the excitement for developing mid to late game settlements. That said, some ability to access more in the very late game could add an additional layer of gameplay. Some possible ideas: (i) ability to “spend” Adamantine to create new resource deposits, would then eventually allow creating more resources to ultimately build out and support additional Adamantine mines, (ii) late-game research to unlock resource-rich additional map space, (iii) late-game “super mines” that have 2-3x production of Large Mines (and potentially with correspondingly increased worker and power consumption). TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

though the “Easy” transportation setting does significantly decrease traffic, it can make maintaining upgraded building levels much harder. Have not figured out the precise mechanic, but there appears to be two conflicting challenges for supporting residential buildings: (i) reordering resources seems to be delayed (or not prioritized) until a full shipment is required (in easy mode, 4 units) and (ii) when get down to the “emergency” low level, additional shipments are triggered, but when they arrive, the extra goods are forfeited / disappear, given two shipments (of 8 goods) would exceed the 6-unit holding capacity of residential buildings. This then results in potentially needing significantly more production capacity to support the residential areas, and may also require exceptionally short trip dispatch times (as the re-order is at 2 units remaining instead of 4 units remaining as in “Medium” mode). The short trip dispatch times can actually make the design of the transportation network more difficult than on “Medium” or “Easy.” Similarly, the over-build of production capacity can make overall gameplay more challenging. Would suggest increasing storage capacity at residential buildings to at least 8 (2 truckloads) or potentially 12 (3 truckloads, matching “Medium” difficulty) to make “Easy” mode actually “Easy”. Hades 2


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