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House Flipper 2 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET You can see why the original House Flipper was such a hit. Its cosy fantasy of home ownership and fulfilling work was a soothing balm after a miserable day at the office, and that fantasy is only strengthened in this sequel. The basics remain the same: jobs appear in your email, from simple cleaning tasks to full-on home renovation, and you can use the profits to purchase properties from the auction house, ready to be glowed up and flipped for even greater profit. Accept a job and you’ll appear outside the house with your bag of tools. Bin bags to collect the piles of rubbish, one measly cloth to wipe down floors, walls and ceilings (weirdly, the first game’s mop tool is nowhere to be found), a roller and scraper for painting and wallpapering, and so on. I haven’t played the previous game, but the interface for managing all these tools seems neater and easier to grasp here. It’s no longer mimicking an in-game tablet, so menu icons are free to be a little more gamey: larger and more colourful, easier to identify at a glance. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

In each room you’re now given ‘quests’ to perform, although I’m sure Tolkien would raise an eyebrow to hear ‘bag all the rubbish’ and ‘clean all the dirt’ being described as such. You can even use your new Witcher senses—or whatever the game calls them—to highlight interactables in gold. This is a godsend when it comes to finding every miniscule speck of junk. Straddling simulation and more casual play—which is really the whole ethos behind House Flipper—these actions mimic real life, to an extent. So you have to physically drag the paint roller around—but you don’t need to clean the brush, or even remove the old tiles or wallpaper first. When building a brick wall, you watch a lovely animation play, but all you’re doing is holding the mouse button down, as your character plucks bricks and mortar from thin air. Mostly, I’m happy with this middle ground—smashing walls down with the sledgehammer feels particularly satisfying—but I’d feel more connected to the work if I also had to clean up the rubble.

Generally, the acts of cleaning and tidying, building and buying are slick and easy to pick up, but the game does struggle with its 3D space sometimes. Occasionally I had to reposition and balance on furniture, and agonisingly adjust the mouse cursor to position ornaments on high shelves. Put an item in the wrong place and it can usually be moved with little trouble. However, wallpaper and tiles are a different matter. There’s no real way to delete things, so you either have to sell or replace errant items. Having to find and buy the original flooring in the online shop, when all you’ve done is put one floorboard in the wrong place, is extremely annoying. The Tribe Must Survive


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