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Forza Horizon 4 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET If there is one word to describe this game it is… amazing. This game is 7 years old and it still looks gorgeous. The attension to detail that was put in to this game in unreal. I tell you what there is nothing like cruising through the road overlooking the beautiful ocean in your dream car and watching the sunset. Another thing that is amazing in this game is the Bucket List challenges. I personally like them because of the challenge they bring and I also like how the added other bucket lists like the Porsche Bucket List and the playground games bucket list. Another aspect that makes this game amazing is the highway system. In my opinion Forza 2’s highway system is the best. Some people like taking a nice cruise and some liking flooring it and putting there car to the limit. Another is the weather. Since playground games wasn’t limited to the decaying hardware of the Xbox 360 anymore they were able to make the game look even better. And a great example of this is the weather system. The Forza 2 weather system is [in my opinion] the most realistic looking weather in all of the games. And hearing the thunder rumble in the back round is cool also. And just a little detail I would like to point out about this game is the music. The music in this game will instantly put a smile on your face. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

I’m going to say that I got this game way back when it released in 2012. It made me fall in love with the series. The music, the cars, the style, and everything else. To say it is the best of the Horizon franchise is too much of an understatement. I’ve played every horizon game and this is the one I keep coming back to. Sure the rest have been great, but Horizon 1 will be the all time greatest. It’s cruising road up to Red Rocks, the the peak of cruising roads. The highway doesn’t have tight corners making it great for speed tests. The festival layout may be a little annoying, but it makes up for it in the use of it as a great drift ring. The rally road is a little straight, but has some good small elevation changes. There are bridges which you can go under and on. There is even a dam that you can cross. Carson city has a nice spread of turns and straights. There is a really cool street scene to race after beating Ali. There are stars that you get to complete against in each wristband level and you even can get their cars.  Infection Free Zone


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