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F1 2015 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I am absolutely certain that if one considers that a certain editor has done reviews of F1 2011, F1 2012 and F1 2014 (unfortunately we never got the 2013 version) one will automatically be led to the conclusion that the review for the next incarnation of this gaming series is very easy task for him and, due to his previous experience, he will only need a few hours of playing the game in order to be able to write the review. Especially if he has read the reviews that have already been published and which, almost in their entirety, agree that we are dealing with “one of the same” situation again this year, the mission seems even easier. In general, he will play for 3-4 hours , confirm and agree with what has already been attributed to him by other reviewers and somewhere there… he messed up. In the case of Ragequit, this recipe does not apply and I believe that this has become clear during the three-year course of our site. Before I go on, I should point out that we received this year’s version of the Codemasters game very late, more specifically within the past month, even though F1 2015 was released in July of last year . TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

F1 2015 Free DownloaF1 2015 Free Download GAMESPACK.NETd GAMESPACK.NET

The game features all the teams, drivers, and circuits from the 2015 Formula One World Championship.

The reasons are several, among them the uproar that prevailed with the capital controls in our country, as well as the lack of interest on the part of the British studio to send review codes to our country for the PC version. Namco Bandai Entertainment Hellas, Codemasters representative in Greece, was kind enough to provide us with a retail copy of the title, for the needs of carrying out the review. So better late than never, especially since, after 25+ hours of gaming, I’ve found that this is the first time in 2-3 years that a Codemasters creation has received truly baseless and incomplete negative reviews, which, if not what’s more, they expose the various reviewers, calling into question both their knowledge of the particular motor sport, as well as their previous experience with the series. I realize that my introduction seems from quite to excessively aggressive , but I cannot be lenient with texts that strongly exude a “let’s finish” feeling, with almost zero analysis of the essence, that is, of the experience that one gains by dealing with this year’s version. I remember that the last one was released for the first time in the middle of the corresponding championship and at a very close time to last year’s, which really was a big slip on the part of Codemasters.

Players can create their own driver and compete in a full season, earning contracts from teams and climbing up the ranks to become a world champion.

Other years, starting to talk about the graphics and menus of the game, I came to the unpleasant conclusion that there were minimal touches of changes and improvements, with the whole result seeming very familiar and repetitive. Fortunately, that is not the case this year. On the one hand, the new version of the EGO engine renders clearly better the 19 circuits of the championship and -mainly- their surrounding areas, on the other hand, we have scenes of celebrations on the podium if we manage to finish in the top three of a race, as well as new snapshots that they precede but also follow a race. So we will see scenes e.g. from the pit boxof Force India, with the commentary focusing on Nico Hulkenberg or that of Ferrari, with Kimi Raikonnen having his due. The presentation of the grid is completely new , faithfully following that of the television coverage. All of the above, as well as several other elements, testify that the people of Codemasters worked on certain areas literally from scratch, finally giving us the feeling of the long-awaited change. Particularly important and successful is the redesign of some believers, with the result that it brings them much closer to reality. The experienced eye will immediately notice the reduced width of the road surface at the Hungaroring and correspondingly the widened one at Monaco, as well as some other details that make the difference Dead Space 2

F1 2015 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

F1 2015 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

such as the reflectionsof the lights on the chassis of the cars in Marina Bay and the obviously enriched environment that extends around the Singapore circuit. The pluses certainly include the ability to activate all the relevant available display parameters without significant impact on the speed of the game, a sample of the increased capabilities of the new graphics engine. On the contrary, two obvious problems unrelated to what I just mentioned are the unjustified progressive framedrops during the Monza race, as well as the appearance of an artifact at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Canada, just before the “S” whose exit passes next to the famous “wall of champions”. The good news does not stop at the graphics, as well as the audio coverage includes several fresh phrases that we hear either in the form of information, through the intercom, or as a commentary before or after the completion of a match. Combined with the increased change observed in the sound that we hear coming from the car, depending on the camera we choose, we come to the assessment that in this area too Codemasters bent over its title and finally showed it due attention.

Players can choose any team and driver from the 2015 season and compete in a full championship, either offline or online.

But enough with the perhaps boring analysis of the audio-visual sector, as what has been burning us for years has to do with the level of simulation of the real conditions prevailing during a Formula 1 race. Here things are mixed, with the overall result however, to constitute, in any case, a clear improvement in relation to F1 2014. Starting with the most obvious, the new handling system that the creator company advertises even on the cover of the game, fully justifies the reference to it. Since last year, the intention of the developers to offer more realistic levels of driving , forcing the player to understand exactly how a single car of the crown of motor sports works. Pressing the gas suddenly after a sharp turn is strictly prohibited if we do not want to lose control, as is the case with very sharp braking at the last moment, which will lead to increased tire wear and destabilizationof the car. Next to these, which had made their appearance since last year, additional elements are added that make the difference and put a smile on our face. The wound that for years has been called racing in mixed or rainy conditions is time to close. DEATHLOOP

F1 2015 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game boasts a new graphics engine that enhances the visuals and brings the cars, tracks, and environments to life.

Driving for our part finally ceases to look like an endless effort to balance on a layer of ice, especially during braking and subsequent pressing of the gas. Both the intermediate and wet tires now serve their purpose, allowing us to enjoy a race in the presence of rain. It is no coincidence that I managed to finish three (!) times on the first step of the podium in grand prix in such conditions, something that was completely impossible for me before. Of course, the performance of the other drivers also helps, which are no longer… alien . In other words, when it starts to rain there is a noticeable drop in the RPM of the remaining 19 drivers that the CPU controls compared to that on a dry road surface, just as it should be. It’s honestly a great relief and a plus to the whole experience that the player isn’t dismayed to see the first crumbs make their appearance, knowing that with judicious and careful driving, he’ll still be able to claim a good result. With what I just wrote I remembered a similar situation in F1 2014 and in Sochi, Russia, where I was simply condemned to participate in the race almost pretending to be a spectator.

The game features realistic handling and physics, providing an authentic driving experience.

The vertical improvement observed in this year’s version is also due to the much smoother operation of the brake, which now -after the release of a patch- does not lead to blocking of the front wheels after a strong but progressive press, especially if we have chosen to deactivate the ABS. Anyone who has been watching Formula 1 for the past two years knows very well that Mercedes is throwing a party , being way ahead of the competition. This difference is faithfully reflected in this year’s version, with the German company and Hamilton-Rosberg having the upper hand at the start of each grand prix, followed by the driver duo of Ferrari and then Williams. Choosing to run with the promising young Formula 1 champion and future world champion-about Valtteri Bottas of course- I realized that in several cases perfect driving on my part would just be enough to keep me within striking distance of the Mercedes drivers. This characteristic may hurt the concept of competition, but it faithfully follows reality, so it can only be recorded as a positive. So if you want to test your capabilities but also improve, through the constant effort to perfect your driving Deathloop PS5

F1 2015 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

F1 2015 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Seeking to feel the joy of finishing in the top ten, you only have to choose as your driver the two-time champion Fernando Alonso, who had the misfortune – at least by the data of the past year – inspiration to move to Woking, on behalf of McLaren Honda. You will say to me now “and why should we choose a driver and not run under our own name, in career mode ?” and you will be absolutely right in your question. Except the answer is simple and it sounds like Codemasters had the brilliant idea to… remove this option! Unfortunately, this year there is no possibility to run as a young and ambitious driver, starting from a small or medium group on the grid, and seeking, through our performances, a transfer to one of the top shelf teams. Unreasonable and frivolous decision , which comes to be added to a fairly long list of content that, while we encountered in previous versions, is no longer availableand about which I had complained last year as well. Count: Career mode, Racing objectives during the Practice and Qualifying periods, Classic mode (F1 2013), Champions mode (F1 2012), Diamond races and of course the six Grand prix not included in the annual F1 calendar (Hockenheim, Valencia, Nürburgring , India, Korea, Istanbul).

In order not to be excessive and talk about some more, such as San Marino or Magny-Cours, which exist in other racing games, so the Codies could easily trample them, thus creating a Retro Championship mode. Is this rich material for F1 2016 or not? Instead of those, what they offer this year is the Pro season , which is nothing elsethan the Championship season on the highest difficulty level and with all aids disabled. In other words, it is something that for years we have been able to “create” by ourselves, through the relevant options! Oh, and the also useless possibility of playing the 2014 season. Our bitterness is softened by some in-race features, which are interesting and raise the quality of this year’s title. Tire wear has been further enhanced, making the effects of our driving style even more apparent and allowing us to strategize accordingly , especially if we choose to run 100% of the actual laps of a race. Of course, there are also cases where exaggeration is found, such as at Yas Marina in Abu-Dhabi, where the pit-stops we will need to make exceed those of the actual race.

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