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Drakkar Crew Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Each player now collects their cards and puts them in their hand. They now select one to play, choosing which side is the “active” side. They place the “active” side face-up on the table in front of them, placing one hand over it so their opponents cannot see. This should be done as quickly as possible by all the players, as Vikings do not hesitate. The first player to place their card is considered the most fearsome and can count out loud to five, giving their opponents a set amount of time to play their card. Once everyone has played a card, they are revealed and resolved. There are several different cards in the game. Each are summarized here. The Red Banner cards are cheater cards and are resolved first. These cards allow the player to steal cards from opponents. For example, the “Loki” card allows a player to steal a Loot token from an opponent of their choice. Red Banner cards are resolved by their number value, starting with the lowest number.TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The Yellow Banner cards represent various pieces of equipment. For example, the ships, Viking warriors, barrels of beer, weapons (like Odin’s spear), and even some wood from the legendary Yggdrasil! These cards help the player complete quests. The Ship cards are used to build a ship that can be used to set sail on the ocean, raiding nearby settlements. A total of 3 Ship cards is necessary to build a big boat, or only two to create a boat of slightly less length. Ships “hold” other cards during the game, allowing players to crew their boats and load them with goods. For example, the Yellow Banner cards shown here create an entire Drakkar, which can store up to three other cards (one card per ship portion, but some cards don’t take up space). Only one boat can be built in front of a player at a time, but a player can always upgrade a Knarr (a boat comprised of a bow and stern) to a Drakkar. Short


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