DOWNFALLEN Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Well, I hadn’t planned to review another horror game so soon but I ended up binge-playing “Downfall Redux” (2016) over the space of a single night. This was a game I’d been meaning to get for a while, given that I really enjoyed Remigiusz Michalski’s previous game, “The Cat Lady” (2012) when I rediscovered it a few months ago. To my delight, I was able to pick up a discounted DRM-free edition of “Downfall Redux” for about three quid during the Halloween sale on GOG last October. This game seems to be a remake of an older game, which was also included with this game. I’ve only played the new “Redux” edition, but it’s cool that GOG included the older version too. Although this game can… mostly… be enjoyed on it’s own, I’d strongly recommend playing “The Cat Lady” (2012) before this game, since a few scenes probably won’t fully make sense if you haven’t played it. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The game begins with a playable flashback sequence. An American teenager called Joe has moved to England with his parents and is hanging out with his younger brother Robbie, who believes that he has found a hidden suitcase of money at a building site. Whilst Robbie runs off, Joe meets a Swedish teenager called Ivy who is waiting outside a café because her evil mother has put her on a diet. The two end up talking for a while and, after an awkward moment involving an ice-cream truck, they end up joining Robbie on the building site. Joe manages to get to the suitcase… but it is filled with grenades! YOUNG HEARTS


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