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December, 2013. Barack Obama is in the White House. ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus is topping the charts. The Harlem Shake is taking the internet by storm. And DayZ, a zombie survival game, hits Steam Early Access. Part survival sandbox, part social experiment, the game throws 64 players into a bleak zombie apocalypse, sits back, and lets them make their own fun. Five years later and DayZ, having gone through an extended Early Access period, is finally out. And, well, nothing much has changed. There’s something comforting about the fact that DayZ is still DayZ, with its clunky controls, buggy zombies, and commitment to making surviving as hard as possible. It’s kinda absurd that, in a 1.0 release, there are still problems that have been stubbornly lingering since the alpha days. But honestly, I wasn’t expecting much else. For better or worse, it’s the game I remember. You still have to run for miles to meet up with friends. The zombies still get stuck in walls or just completely fail to notice you at all. You can scour an entire town for supplies only to find one dirty jacket, a tin opener, and no tins. And the chances that you’ll be killed by some unseen sniper, usually seconds after you finally find something good, is always high. At least those damn ladders have finally been sorted out. Veteran players will remember the agony of climbing a ladder and ending up inexplicably dead at the bottom of it. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

If this all sounds a bit miserable, it is. Minute to minute, this is about as gruelling as survival games get. You have an ever-dwindling parade of meters to manage—thirst, hunger, temperature, and so on—and the general scarcity of items can make staying alive an ordeal. There’s nothing more disheartening in DayZ than trekking for miles to a town, only to see all the doors lying open: a surefire sign that someone has already been and no doubt thoroughly looted the place. But this does complement the hopeless, melancholy atmosphere of the game. The map, Chernarus, is a former Soviet republic, and dripping in misery. You get the feeling that even before the zombies arrived, this would’ve been an unpleasant place to get lost in. But there’s a quiet beauty to be found out there too, particularly in the rolling farmland, dense forests, and sleepy rural towns. It’s a fantastic setting, and a welcome change from the more familiar Western post-apocalypses that usually feature in these games.  DEVOUR



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