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Cookie Cutter Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Enemies are also overly animated, making it difficult to time parries. Attacks also have a lot of flashy visual effects, which obscures things a bit too much, so it can be kind of hard to even see what’s going on, especially in rooms with a lot of enemies or areas where the game automatically zooms the camera out. Level design is fairly straightforward. Traps, large area maps, secrets, and locked areas…it’s pretty standard when it comes to Metroidvanias. The maps and areas themselves are engaging enough to mix things up. Finding specific items for NPCs to unlock doors keeps things interesting, and there are plenty of traps and platforming to break up the combat encounters. The game also has a good amount of checkpoints to make dying less punishing and teleporters to make traveling around less time-consuming. It’s smartly created and does a great job of making the world fun to explore and not too backtrack-heavy. Overall, Cookie Cutter’s world design is good, even if it leaves little to the imagination. One of the main systems within combat is the Void meter, which allows you to use more devastating, powerful attacks and replenishes every time you hit an enemy. Void is also valuable because you can drain it to heal, which means that there is a constant need to pay attention to the meter (in my case, I had to make sure I managed it properly in case I needed to heal). TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

This is a cool mechanic that made me think a little more instead of rushing in and mashing buttons during combat encounters. As fun as it is, I did have some issues with the game’s combat. Enemies themselves are varied enough, but the A.I. seems a little inconsistent. There are a lot of enemies who can’t jump, which made a lot of encounters in areas with elevated platforms feel underwhelming. In areas with longer hallways, they won’t chase you if you get too far away, which makes healing easier but makes these scenarios feel odd. Cookie Cutter is a fast-paced Metroidvania style. Attacks are quick and snappy. Dodges, special abilities, parries, and flashy finishing moves all add up to make for a really fun and visceral combat system. There’s plenty of variety when it comes to attacks thanks to multiple systems and weapons to experiment with. There is a lot here, and it’s easily the best aspect of Cookie Cutter. The game has a component system that acts like a passive skill tree, increasing or decreasing stats or attacks. This adds a little customization to help cater to individual play style. For example, I made sure to upgrade a component that increased my health and one to make my basic attacks more powerful.  The Baby In Yellow


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