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Common’hood Free Download GAMESPACK.NET Common’Hood opens with 20-year-old Nikki being evicted from her house because she is unable to pay back her late father’s hospital bills. Nikki decides she cannot leave town without first visiting the now-abandoned factory where both her parents worked – a place she spent a lot of time growing up. When she arrives, Nikki finds the factory is now home to several squatters from all walks of life, and what began as a nostalgic visit quickly evolves into an elongated stay. From here you play as Nikki as she farms, scavenges, crafts, and recruits new residents to help build up what is referred to as the “Common” – the abandoned factory and the community that has taken refuge in it. Most of the game’s early hours play like a cozy farming sim, but players are quickly thrown into the deep end with seemingly endless customization and building options that grow in complexity as the campaign progresses. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

My first impression of Common’Hood is that it didn’t appear to be well-optimized for consoles. From the opening dialogue, I was immediately forced to dust off my glasses just to make out the minuscule text on my 65-inch OLED television. I concluded the game was likely built for someone who was sitting at their computer desk, mere inches from their monitor. I quickly shrugged this problem off but was reminded again and again that this is likely an experience best suited for PC players. Honestly, the small text was the least of my issues. I was met with sidebars that needed to be scrolled to read important information, but the game wouldn’t let me scroll using the Xbox controller. It was also obvious that craftable items should reveal important information (like their name and description) if hovered over with a mouse cursor. Unfortunately, I was unable to do this on the console version, so I simply built everything I could just to find out what each item and machine was.  Smart Factory Tycoon


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