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Clustertruck Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Clustertruck Free Download GAMESPACK.NET ‘Exhilarating’ is the best word to describe the feeling of playing Clustertruck. The feeling of leaping from truck to truck, barely catching the back of trailers and narrowly missing death, is perfectly exhilarating. Clustertruck is a free-running action game in which the main objective is to jump from semi-trailer truck to semi-trailer truck in an attempt to reach a goal post at the end of each level. The player must stay atop the trucks while dodging obstacles such as tumbling boulders and spinning lasers, and touching the ground results in an instant death. It’s a basic premise, but it’s executed very, very well. The game is played in first-person, and it controls very well. The physics are taken to an extreme, allowing for huge leaps and big explosions, but that makes the game a lot better than if the developers had gone for more realistic gameplay. Trucks move at high velocity, exploding when they hit walls or each other, sending trucks (and sometimes the player) flying through the air. Jumping between trucks feels fantastically exciting, there’s very little gravity but the game still maintains a lot of speed TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Clustertruck Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game’s levels are set on moving trucks, which require the player to use their reflexes and quick thinking to navigate through obstacles.

letting you change direction while flying through the air and dropping you to the ground slowly enough that you can control where you land precisely, as long as you’ve got some skill. Almost every level offers some new obstacle or challenge to get through. The designs are really varied, and acing a level takes a massive amount of skill and perseverance. The campaign is made up of nine worlds, each with ten levels. Levels take only a minute or two apiece, but completing the game takes a whole lot longer with the large amount of deaths you are likely to suffer through. I cried out in frustration multiple times while playing Clustertruck, something I nearly never do when playing games. But it wasn’t the kind of frustration that makes me want to stop playing. No, it’s the kind of frustration of knowing that I was oh so close to finishing a level, and that feeling continuously kept me hitting that restart button to try again. Thankfully, you are able to restart near-instantaneously after death, which lead me to keep hitting restart for just ‘one more try’. There’s a slight bit of randomness every time you restart a level, making it so you cannot just memorize the exact movement of the trucks to beat the game.

Unlock new abilities like the Grappling Hook, Truck Cannon and Time-Control!

Sometimes trucks will go a little slower than they did before, or maybe they’ll drift left instead of right. It may not seem like much, but it can seriously affect how a level plays out when you factor in all of these trucks, which can sometimes number over fifty in a level, moving differently than they did the last time you attempted a level. Plenty of replayability is on offer here, some offered by the ability to play against the ghost of your friends in an attempt to beat their best times. Most of the replayability, though, comes from the custom map editor. You can create a custom level made up from the many objects used throughout the campaign, then upload it to the Workshop and make it available for others to download and enjoy. I myself took four hours to finish the campaign, but individual playtime will differ wildly from player to player. Some will struggle with most levels, dying constantly. Others will easily blast through many of the levels I found difficult. I like to think that my time is at least average, but it’s definitely possible that average time could be much less. It really depends on how good you are at the game. Diablo II Resurrected Free Download

Clustertruck Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Clustertruck Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Visually, the game isn’t anything special. The lighting is nice, but that’s pretty much the best thing I can say about how this game looks. Every one of the trucks in the game looks the exact same. Each world has a distinct style, so the environments never get too boring. I didn’t notice any frame rate issues, which is important, as even the slightest bit of lag would often result in death. The soundtrack quality varies from world to world. In a couple of the worlds, it’s full of pulsating, blood-pumping tunes. In others, it’s only average. Clustertruck has, like many indie titles, a simple premise. Get from A to B. You start at one point and must make your way to the next point. And just like many other indie titles, you have one main challenge: you must not touch any obstacles or the ground. Simple enough to understand. But how do you overcome this challenge to get from A to B? You jump from one truck to another. Whilst this may seem rather dull on paper, what actually transpires is a hilariously addictive game of floor is lava that makes you feel like you’re living an excited toddler’s dream.

A campaign mode which gradually gets more and more evil

Whilst Clustertruck may seem a bit too obscure to actually be fun, the simple premise and its wonderful execution make this game what it is. From the first level when you are placed on a truck and see the end in the distance, you know simply what to do and how to do it; there’s no complicated mechanics to get your head around here. When the campaign cranks up, it gets staggeringly more difficult – but just as addictive. You get a craving for the challenge. Usually the challenge comes in terms of obstacles and traps, with anything from moving mountains, logs or giant swinging mallets getting in the way. Even trucks coming in the opposite direction will fill you with dread as every trick in the book is used. The silliness of the AI has been perfectly crafted by the game designers. They know exactly how the trucks will move and how the traps operate. This understanding gives way to perfectly crafted levels with immense hilarity interwoven with an expertly balanced difficulty. Truly the best part of this game is the level design. Each level brings a different trial to overcome, with some challenging your precision and others testing your speed. Dice Legacy

Clustertruck Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game includes a level editor that allows players to create and share their own levels with the game’s community.

When reviewing Clustertruck I never became frustrated from the difficulty – which, for me, is a novelty, even in games that I have truly enjoyed. The quick respawn once you have failed and the smooth controls make you feel like you could have done better and lead you into fighting with yourself to get past each level. The excellent gameplay is complimented by the graphics, which are pleasant but simplistic in design. Whilst not overly technical, they do exactly what is needed and have a certain charm that someone reminded me of Simpsons: Hit & Run. The music is much the same, with the focus purely on enabling the gameplay. Another element of Clustertruck that I somewhat overlooked in my first playthrough is the use of the power-ups that you unlock with skill-points. Not only was the double jump necessary to pass later levels (or was that just me?), but some of the power-ups have funny consequences. An example of this is the power-up that makes the truck you are riding significantly faster. Just try it, trust me. Aside from the main campaign, Clustertruck also contains a level editor and downloadable levels.

My love for you is like a truck

The editor itself allows you to make your own levels. It isn’t the easiest editor in the world but it does have a handy tutorial and it really allows you to go mental with the game. I wasn’t able to make anything of real note but I did downlaoad some levels from the Steam Workshop that were incredibly fun. From new simple levels to a re-imagining of the Total Wipeout course, there are plenty of things to play after you have finished the game. My only niggle – and it really is only a small niggle – is that the frame-rate can drop if you don’t run the game at sensible graphic levels. It isn’t hard to change the settings and doing so makes the game much more fun, but the performance levels can vary. Overall, it isn’t hard to tell that the time I spent with the game was a pleasant experience. In fact, I would compare Clustertruck to a good Monty Python sketch: incredibly silly, beautifully charming and wonderfully crafted. Landfall Games have crafted a brilliant indie game that you must play if you’re a fan of cleverly designed platform games – or if you’re just a fan of being silly. As a child, I would frequently play games of “the floor is lava” when I was bored. Didnapper 2

Clustertruck Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Clustertruck Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

What that involved was basically jumping on furniture to avoid touching the carpet, which would “kill” you. Despite my parents not being in favor of my recklessness, I kept trying to up the ante with cushions around the floor and other obstacles. Somehow, developers never really adopted that into a game. Maybe they thought it was too juvenile or couldn’t think of a strong enough gimmick to wrap around that core idea, but I’ve never seen anything even attempt to replicate that childhood wonder. Developer Landfall Games definitely had joyous memories of “the floor is lava,” or it wanted to make Mirror’s Edge with autonomous, suicidal trucks. After finishing the first world, you’re given the option to unlock different abilities to help your platforming. Things like double jump, air dash, slow motion, levitation, and some other neat toys are available. This helps dramatically in the following levels, which swiftly avoid a regular formula and opt to go for batshit crazy. You will encounter all manner of variations on the idea of speeding semi-trucks. One level will have the trucks periodically launched into the air

one level will have the trucks driving over a spinning log-like structure; yet another level will see you jumping through a boulder and landing on a truck in mid-flight.They may help a bit too much, as a matter of fact. There are 90 levels in total, but you can breeze through the campaign in a little under three hours. Certain levels will become temporary roadblocks for up to 10 minutes, but with the longest level being the very final one at two whole minutes, nothing is really that difficult. This plays like Super Meat Boy, but with some drunk driving. The amount of creativity in the course design cannot be understated. I went from being mildly entertained to flat-out impressed with how such a simple idea kept finding new ways to stay fun. This all works without screwing around with the basic gameplay controls. You never need the unlockable abilities, but they certainly help you with tough situations. It works well for people with ADHD or a penchant for mechanic-based platformers, but can feel like too little for those who expect more out of their games. I love the simplicity on display, but I can definitely understand that some people would like an objective or a deeper connection to the game world


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