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Castleminer Z Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Castleminer Z Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I, being used to playing Minecraft, was not prepared for the amount of hiding I would be doing CastleMiner Z. There are a ton of creepy monsters after you, and even a couple dragons. I was a bit disappointed that the game was essentially a re-skin of Minecraft. The devs did include a few unique features, but for the most part, the game was just too similar. The major difference right off the bat might have been the use of 3D models for tools and monsters, but that’s not that big of a change considering everything is still blocky anyways. The game severely lacks in graphical settings. It doesn’t even run at 1080p. This is 2014, and that is unacceptable. Doesn’t matter what type of game it is, it should at least run at 1080p, preferably higher. The game does have a “graphics” slider, but that only changes the render distance. It would be incorrect to say that CastleMiner Z is entirely just plagiarism, but ‘strongly inspired’ by Minecraft would be an overly fair description. To its credit CastleMiner Z tries to innovate and expand on its muse, taking a block building world and peppering it with a flimsy attempt at horror. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Castleminer Z Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players can explore a large, randomly generated world filled with mountains, caves, and forests.

At night, zombies prowl the mountains and dragons haunt the skies. From the outset you’re armed to take on these threats. “Minecraft with guns” is probably what the original design brief said, and that would be pretty accurate of the end product. It’s all back-of-the-box bullet points though; CastleMiner Z’s shooting is flat and lacking impact, even when you’ve managed to craft its laser guns and sniper rifles. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a deal breaker if the core of the game worked solidly, but the mining and building elements are a shallow shadow of Mojang’s beast, with just a handful of different materials to excavate and a basic crafting menu that makes heavy use of identical items built from higher tier materials. Weapons make up the vast bulk of your crafting options, and are vital in enduring the game’s Survival mode. Zombies sprint and relentlessly dive at you, their shrieks signalling that the long, arduous night has begun. In the starting zone they can be dispatched pretty easily, but the further you travel from spawn the beefier they get, as designated by different coloured character models.

The death of your party is permanent

Difficulty is purely based on increasing hitpoints and increasing gang sizes, their AI being just a few IQ points behind those headless bombers from Serious Sam. In its brightest moments, CastleMiner Z can use its zombies to amusing effect. They can break down defences, and hiding in a hut as ten of them wail and scrape at the walls evokes horror comedies. Far from chilling, but there’s some very limited fun to be had with them. Enemies are made up from relatively detailed polygonal models which sit in stark contrast to the voxel-built, blocky world. Player characters and equipment have similarly smooth models, creating an inconsistent aesthetic that makes it look every bit the cheap knocked-together project it is. The world is a soulless place, lacking in any interesting geography or life beyond the scuttling undead. The land changes based upon how far from spawn you are, starting as a green forested area and changing into a desert, frozen tundra, and steep mountain range as you put more distance behind you. The desert is one notably horrific zone, containing nothing but flat planes of useless sand for hundreds of meters. Eliza Switch NSP

Castleminer Z Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Castleminer Z Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

You can add life to the world by engaging in multiplayer, but servers are limited to a mere eight players. Any of the game’s modes can be turned into multiplayer arenas, allowing groups to tackle a large project in Create mode, or fend off attackers in Endurance or Survival modes. There’s a text chat to help coordinate your buddies, but no voice: clearly a hangover from its origin on Xbox 360. That’s not the only problem that has come with porting CastleMiner Z from console to PC. There’s been no care or effort put into any element of this game, and it shows everywhere. It’s in the UI that still uses Xbox controller icons for button prompts, the clunky, scrolling crafting inventory, and the complete lack of resolution and graphical settings. You even have to use ALT+F4 to escape the damn thing. This isn’t a PC port made with love. It’s simply an attempt to make more money by jamming it into Steam with a complete lack of finesse. The first thing you’ll notice about CastleMiner Z upon playing is the resemblance and similarity to Mojang’s famous survival/sandbox Minecraft. To those of you who play Minecraft

Where Hell itself has torn through

you will most likely feel like CastleMiner Z is a modified version of Minecraft with an HD texture pack, guns, and dragons. For the most part, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong to feel this way. CastleMiner Z was released in 2011 on the Xbox Live Indie Arcade, which is a store on the Xbox platforms in which indie developers can publish their games. In fact, DigitalDNA Games claim CastleMiner Z to be the all-time best-selling indie game on the Xbox Live Arcade, but what they really mean is that it’s the all-time best-selling indie game on the indie arcade, not Xbox as a whole. It’s easily beaten by many other indie games that weren’t added to the indie arcade, like Minecraft, Terraria, etc. The reason why the date and where this was originally published is relevant is because the whole thing was a sales tactic by DigitalDNA Games. At the time, Minecraft had not yet been ported to Xbox, so DigitalDNA Games created this mess of a game to try and steal the Minecraft audience who just couldn’t wait for it to be ported and had to have it RIGHT NOW Due to the reason this game was even made, it came to me as a shock when it was not only ported to PC  Embr

Castleminer Z Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

: Players must gather resources, craft items, and build shelter to survive against monsters that come out at night.

While on the topic of PC, let’s talk about the PC port, shall we? For something that took two years to finish, the PC port is simply terrible. The entire menu is full of Xbox controller prompts, even when I am not using an Xbox controller. The keys are not changeable, which is always annoying to me in any PC game. The menu mentions that in hard mode when you die, you lose everything. It also mentions when you die in easy mode, you lose nothing. The menu fails to mention, however, that in normal mode, you lose everything except what is in your inventory bar, which would’ve been good to know before I died. Some parts of the menu are also worded rather oddly, for example: to delete your saved game, the button says “Erase Storage.” What is storage? Does it perhaps mean data or saved file? Do you Think CastleMiner Z’s settings couldn’t get more annoying? You are sadly mistaken. The game has no resolution options whatsoever! If you are going to take two entire years to finish a port, it should actually be a port and work as such. While CastleMiner Z copies much of Minecraft, it successfully made it uglier.

Run, fight, and sneak your way across dry deserts

As if they installed an HD texture pack to the original Minecraft, the land is basically that: an HD version of Minecraft. While HD is usually a good thing in video games, they make voxel-based games ugly. You simply cannot try and make a Minecraft-esque game HD and pretty, because the unique art of Minecraft is part of what makes it work and look good. The skybox of CastleMiner Z is boring, and I could even see pixels from a distance. They attempted to make the land HD, but the skybox still shows pixels? It doesn’t work that way, DigitalDNA Games. The snow looks absolutely nothing like snow, and the sand is so white that it looks more like snow from a distance and even up close. The one thing I felt was the worst part of the art of CastleMiner Z is the inconsistency. They chose to make the setting voxel-based, but have enemies that resemble the old PC era games like Quake, Half-Life, or DOOM. The enemy design feels like it was ported from a totally different game and just does not fit the setting at all. The only redeeming quality of the art is that the copper ore color is green instead of the usual brown. Emergency Call 112 The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 

Castleminer Z Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Castleminer Z Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Why does that matter? It doesn’t, but from a realistic standpoint, copper would oxidize making the outer core of the ore a greenish color instead of a brownish color. The goal of the game is to build a fortress to protect you from a small variety of enemies including zombies, skeletons, skeleton archers, and dragons. You are also supposed to explore the land and mine for materials to craft different weapons and other necessities like torches. The game is very co-op based, as it is nearly impossible to build a fortress while protecting yourself. That being said, upon release the multiplayer had no forms of communication, and the recently added chat feature is very annoying and for the most part useless. To this day, voice chat is still not an option without an external program like Skype or Teamspeak. Mining blocks is also very annoying, as it kicks up what seems to be dust to the point where you can’t even see what you are mining anymore. As previously mentioned, there is a small variety of enemies which tend to get boring pretty fast. While there are recolors of each enemy, that is simply all they are, recolors.

The recolors have no edited stats or any other modifications other then color. The enemies spawn by randomly popping out of the ground with absolutely no justification, and they will also randomly disappear. The zombies tend to walk right through you, but you cannot do the same to them. The zombies are also able to jump over your head, which is a first in any zombie game I have ever played. There are no footprints in CastleMiner Z, so you never know when something will sneak up behind you and murder you. The zombies do make a sound, however, you cannot use it to pinpoint the direction that the zombie is coming in as the sound plays all around you. The dragon is massively overpowered, and basic weapons you can make like pistols or shotguns either don’t reach the dragon or barely damage it. The bullet speed is extremely slow and unrealistic and can easily be avoided by enemies. You can aim down your sights in CastleMiner Z, but it severely slows down the camera movement and is so unreliable that it makes you miss more times then not. I can’t forget to mention that the shotguns take bullets, not shells, which is interesting to say the least.


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