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Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET I’m sure there’s a market out there for a bus driving sim. The world is a big place, after all, so it’s safe to assume there’s a market for everything. But if you’ve been eagerly refreshing the Nintendo eShop hoping to finally get the definitive game for city bus immersion, I’m afraid to say Bus Driver Simulator is not it. That’s not to say it doesn’t try or that the developers aren’t dedicated to the cause. Bus Driver Simulator adheres strictly to its sim component, working as hard as possible to dock you for doing anything other than efficiently picking up passengers and dropping them off. The game begins with a quick tutorial that teaches you everything from how/when to open doors to turning on lights to accelerating/braking. There’s a lot to manage and remember, and condensing it all to the Joy-Con will be overwhelming at first. What button is the blinker? Did I leave the doors open? Why can’t I move? The latter question proved to be the most problematic. More times than I care to admit, I drove the bus over a curb when rounding a corner to pick up and drop off passengers. Not only does this hurt your score, it also makes it difficult to move. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game offers a realistic driving experience, with accurate physics and detailed graphics. Players will have to navigate busy streets, follow traffic laws, and deal with weather conditions.

Why I can’t just pull forward to get off a curb, I have no idea. But when it happened, I’d have to wedge myself away. Such quirks get annoying because the gameplay is centered around efficiency with timetables. While wrestling with the bus’ controls, you’re also wrestling with traffic and routes as you try to stay on schedule. Traffic is never nearly as bad as actual city traffic, and the cars move somewhat slowly, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get annoying as you try to get over to the bus stop. To make matters worse (or better, depending upon what you want out of a bus driver simulator), you also have to worry about gas and maintenance. Figuring out when to work these “pit stops” into your schedule will greatly affect your profitability. The money you make can be applied to the purchase of new busses (around 15 total) or upgrades to the bus you already have. You can even customize the appearance of your bus if that’s your thing. Considering profit is the only reward, it’s therefore frustrating that it’s so easy to receive a financial punishment. This happens if you get ahead of or behind schedule.

Next Stop: Bad Graphics Graveyard

It happens when you have trouble navigating a turn. It happens for reasons you won’t even understand. As such, Career Mode—with its predefined routes and objectives—can become annoying. Thankfully, the developers provided the option for you to set up your own routes and objectives, giving you the option to move about town at a more leisurely pace. Unfortunately, the towns aren’t really worth driving around. European and Soviet cities are well represented, but they’re certainly not attractively depicted. The graphics are dated and glitchy. The maps themselves may be accurate, but there’s very little to distinguish one city from another. As such, Bus Driver Simulator seems to never progress. Hours into gameplay, it still looks like you’re in the tutorial. All of this combines to make me wonder if there’s a point. Driving a bus isn’t particularly interesting (no offense to my father-in-law and cousin, who have both done professionally), and the developers’ faithful adherence to the process makes for a game that reflects this. I’m not saying I want arcade-style action here, but Bus Driver Simulator needs to offer something more than just getting from point A to point B with efficiency. Duke Nukem Forever 

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

I don’t know…are there bussing industry equivalents to the railroad robber barons? In my preview of Farm Mechanic Simulator a week ago, I noted that there’s been a rise in the number of oddly mundane simulators in recent years. Though previously the preserve of extremely nerdy PC players – and, frankly, often looked down upon by other gamers – the rise of capable consoles has seen a wider acceptance of the genre. Not only that, but games such as Euro Truck Simulator 2 have shown how therapeutic and strangely satisfying the genre can be. Which brings us to Bus Driver Simulator on the Switch. Featuring the full game of Bus Driver Simulator 19 and its DLC, this is the first outing for the series on Nintendo’s little console. It’s definitely a simulator rather than an arcadey open world: care must be taken to open and close doors at the correct times, routes must be adhered to and even early departure times from bus stops will be penalised. Players earn money from successfully picking up passengers on a pre-determined route with arrival and departure times; money can then be spent on purchasing new buses.

Buses, On Time?! What Madness…

If you want to create your own routes and timetables through a city, you can do so. It’s surprisingly fully featured. The tutorial can feel a little overwhelming, but once you’re on the road and driving your own bus, there’s a nice simplicity to the stop-start schedule, opening and closing doors, making sure you’re sticking to the timetable and adequately stocked with fuel. The problem is, from a technical perspective it’s an absolute mess. It looks positively ancient; the visuals are ugly, glitchy and bland. You’d be forgiven for dismissing it based on the horrendous visuals alone. Yet the gameplay really shines. There’s a soothing, chilled out feel to the game – taking care to pick up passengers and stick to a timetable without endangering other humans (or their vehicles) is surprisingly compelling, as well as rewarding. It scratches an odd itch; one that you may not even realise you had. There’s a decent amount of freedom to play how you want too, in the form of creating your own routes – though of course this still means adhering to the rules of the road and your employer. Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Players can choose from a variety of buses, each with their own unique features and driving styles. There are city buses, school buses, tourist buses, and more.

Despite the lack of detail in the world, the visual iconography and instrumentation on your bus – as well as the camera angles you can use throughout gameplay – give clear, unambiguous detail that helps you do better; tt’s very well designed from that perspective at least. It certainly goes to prove the old adage that you should never judge a book by its cover. Despite the fact that it’s an ugly mess, the compellingly structured gameplay means that you’ll likely glean a lot of enjoyment from Bus Driver Simulator. It’s hard to unequivocally recommend due to the shoddy port, but I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to drive a bus around a strangely low detailed European city. It’s too bad the moniker ”simulator” is associated with so many low quality titles. It seems as though a lot of “simulator” games are low effort, or made as a sort of joke. Bus Simulator is an earnest effort at making a simulator game, and while I can’t speak to the developer’s efforts, the results are extremely disappointing. Now, I wasn’t the keenest on driving a lumbering mass transit vehicle around crowded streets.

I’ll Get A Cab

I have plenty of experience driving large vehicles in crowded public spaces, and I don’t envy the job of a city bus driver. But video games allow us to live—in short snippets—professions that would otherwise be unbearable for some. It’s too bad that Bus Driver Simulator doesn’t do much to make having to drive a bus any more bearable, and it ends up being a pretty miserable experience. Bus Driver Simulator is an ugly game. It fails in art style and graphics. I suppose it’s appropriate that the buses are the best looking things in the game—but that isn’t saying too much. City streets are cluttered with low poly cars, and sidelined with ugly low poly people. The close-up views look like the generic towns you can crash into in Microsoft Flight Simulator—blocky and unpleasant once you get your face next to them. Or maybe they’re closer to PS2 era graphics. Either way—the game is ugly, and runs like garbage on the Nintendo Switch, the system I played it on. You’re not just thrown into a bus to wander the streets—there are several different ways to play. There are scenarios that challenge you with specific tasks, and the career mode which is the meat of the game. Dungeons 3 Switch Edition

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

In career mode, you drive and pick up passengers along a predesignated route. If you drive too fast, you’ll get ahead of schedule, and will have to physically wait for minutes until you get back on schedule otherwise you’ll be penalized. Drive down the wrong street? That’s not even possible– instead, it’ll say you’re driving off road as you drive into an invisible barrier. There is nothing open world about these cities, and you can’t even wander streets you’re not supposed to be on. There are fifteen or so buses you can drive. Your first bus is free, but the rest you have to spend hard-earned money on. Buses are expensive, too, and would take a lot more time to earn than I’m willing to put into this game. But like I said before, the buses are surprisingly detailed. Each bus has different characteristics. They do feel slightly different to drive, especially when you choose a larger versus a smaller bus. When in the garage, you can even use your money to upgrade parts. You can also choose your route, though most of them seem to only go down streets parallel to the other routes. In other words: the options don’t change much.

The best part of Bus Driver Simulator is driving and operating the bus. Stopping at bus stops, opening the doors, and letting on passengers is strangely satisfying. The actual driving mechanics are decent, but the game runs poorly on the Switch, so it’s just overall a crummy experience. Bus Driver Simulator feels bargain bin worthy—which is too bad, because with extensive polish it might have been something fun.  One thing that Bus Driver Simulator does get right, at least, is the semblance of being a bus driver. If you thought you were just going to pull up to a space and your passengers would instantly hop in Crazy Taxi style, you might be in for a surprise. Although with this game’s clipping issues, it wouldn’t surprise me if NPC’s jumped through the roof. What I mean is that Bus Driver Simulator actually simulates being a bus driver. Drivers are expected to manually operate their engines, doors and indicators. You’re expected to park accurately and apply the brakes, and open the doors, or passengers won’t get on and you’ll start accruing time penalties. It did, for the shortest time at least, get me slightly invested in the life of my bus driver.

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