ASHES OF OAHU Free Download GAMESPACK.NET “Post-apocalyptic” seems to be a genre all of its own these days, and I can see why people like it — there’s a level of freedom that allows developers to rewrite the rules of the normal world and create new playgrounds. Ashes of Oahu is the latest entry in this style, but the twist it brings is that it integrates elements from Hawaiian folklore. Ashes of Oahu is a third-person shooter/RPG where players must save Hawaii from the evil god Kupua Pua and his infected islanders. Players take the role of Kai, a man whose son was kidnapped while he was beaten and left for dead. However, Kai is revived by a spirit guide and becomes a chosen warrior. He won’t fight alone, though — there are other factions on the island also under attack from Kupua Pua’s raiders. The action takes place on Hawaii’s island of Oahu, and it’s an open-world playground for players to make their own. As Kai adventures, he’ll gain experience to use on skills, and there are multiple skill trees, each one associated with a different island faction. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

The Lava Dogs are old marines who managed to survive the dark god’s initial attack, and they can teach Kai how to better use automatic weapons and explosives. Native Hawaiians help Kai with his stamina, health, and melee weapon damage. Players can also commune with the ancient gods of the island at temples to increase their mana – this leads to things like a spirit bow or spirit shield, or other abilities like lobbing fireballs at raiders. Players will have the option to work with Oahu’s factions and build relationships with them in addition to learning their skills. One group asks Kai to gather supplies to craft medicine, while another asks him to clear out an area so they can create a new stronghold. Players will also be able to push the factions into alliances or into war based on their decisions, but no matter which way the player leans, each quest feels similar due to things like the encampments for each faction being laid out in cookie-cutter fashion, and the collection quests being more like easy chores.

Completing the sidequests and helping groups will make Ashes of Oahu‘s endgame easy, but it’s not really necessary. In a surprise move, Ashes gives the player access to the final mission almost immediately and allows them to complete it whenever they want, but it’s not really clear about where to go. I accidentally stumbled into this location, and a prompt popped up and warned me it may be a difficult task. However, the final boss went into a pattern that let me shoot him without fear of retaliation and I rolled credits extremely early. UNDEADLY


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