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Ash of Gods: The Way Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Ash of Gods: The Way Free Download GAMESPACK.NET The Ash of Gods series returns with a different kind of game to Ash of Gods: Redemption. Can Ash of Gods: The Way take things in a positive new direction? Find out in our review of the turn-based deck-builder. While it took me a few games to appreciate the charm of deckbuilding games, I finally understood their appeal through Midnight Suns by Firaxis. This game proved to me that you should never write off a genre completely, as there may be a variant that resonates with you eventually. AurumDust’s Ash of Gods: The Way has many of the traits I enjoy. A turn-based battle system, a story that connects things together, and an attention-grabbing visual style. But the important thing is that it fuses these together into a cohesive whole. And it’s fair to say AurumDust has done a pretty good job of that. You are Finn, a young man troubled by the prospect of war between his nation and the Frisian empire. Finn ends up being his nation’s hope as long as he can infiltrate the Frisian nation and master a card game primarily used to teach aristocrats about warfare.  TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Ash of Gods The Way Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The game features a deep and immersive storyline that follows the journey of three heroes as they navigate a dark and dangerous world filled with magic and supernatural creatures.

Ash of Gods: The Way, the second game set in the Ash of Gods universe, is out today on PC and Nintendo Switch. While not a full sequel to the successful Ash of Gods: Redemption, it offers a brand new story with many different branches to explore, a new take on the gameplay of turn-based, tactical card games and a vast amount of improvements over its predecessor. At the heart of the game are the tournaments that Finn must compete in. However, the gameplay is not limited to these events alone. Between the tournaments, Finn engages in various RPG interactions by conversing with opponents, royalty, townsfolk, and other characters. The storyline is shaped by how Finn settles matters both on the playing board and in conversation. While Finn is playing for his nation, the consequences of his actions, or lack thereof, can affect the wider world. That wider world is a rather beautiful creation by the way. The hand-drawn character art, the regal menu and HUD style, and the finer details of the places Finn visits are well-realized and fit the tone of the drama encased within the world. The animations in battle add flowing elegance to the brutal nature of what’s actually occurring.

The game features a captivating story that unfolds through an interactive novel-like experience.

I like the idea of using the card-battling as a story point rather than just throwing it in casually as a mechanic for real fights. The cards in your hands are just as mortally expendable as your party in Ash of Gods: Redemption because the tournaments cruelly use real people to play a live-action version of The Way. So onto the meat of Ash of Gods: The Way. The card battles. It’s structured in that way card games are most compelling. An initial simplicity that gradually opens up into something deeper and more tactically complex than you first assumed. The practices take place on a draughts style board with several lanes characters can move on. The aim is to reach the commander at the enemy end and defeat them while defending your own. Each unit has its own skills and traits. So the Enforcer can act as a damage sponge to protect weaker units, while Rangers can pick off foes from further away. On top of that, commanders have their own special abilities that need to recharge. Usually at a cost to the commander themselves. There are also item cards that can temporarily boost your character cards. So we’re talking buffs for movement speed, attack, and healing herbs. Deponia Switch NSP

Ash of Gods The Way Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Ash of Gods The Way Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

But what is The Reaping? Well, it’s something that everyone in Ash of God: Redemption’s world simultaneously knows everything about but can’t explain or believe when it occurs. This is a world filled with magic that nobody seems to believe exists, a world haunted by a history of Reapings where no-one is prepared for the next. You set out as all three main characters, picking up a bewilderingly large crew of fighters along the way in order to strike back in combat sequences you’ll instantly recognise if you’ve played The Banner Saga, except here they’re absolutely awful. Mechanically, on the most basic level, this is the exact same grid-based combat you’ll know and maybe even possibly love from Stoic’s game but, where AurumDust have aped a look and feel, they’ve managed to make a mess of the intricacies and balance. Combat here is excruciating stuff; extremely punishing, slow and mostly nonsensical and it very often – if not always – descends into a turgid game of luck. If your enemies decide to play offensively you’ve had it; if the right bad guy moves towards you at the wrong time, all of your plans will have been for nought.

Your decisions have consequences, affecting the story and the characters around you.

You’ll position your fighters before battle – all straightforward stuff – heavy tank lads and ladies to the front, nimble folk take up the middle ground or skirt the outside, and those all-important but weak archers and ranged attackers keep to the back lest they get taken out early. Then the battle commences, you make your first move, using up some energy to walk a few paces and set up your defence or make an attack. Fine. The enemy’s turn. A soldier walks forward a few steps and uses a ranged attack that immediately disintegrates your furthest away archer. Instant toast. Reload. Each battle holds something different. The locations throw up obstacles, variations, one-time challenges, and shifts in rulesets that continuously keep you reworking and experimenting with your own tactics. Because of the context battles take place in, failure doesn’t necessarily mean game over and restarting. The story tends to take a turn instead. But there’s still room for experimentation in the battles. Decks can be switched up, approaches tweaked, environmental traps utilized to your advantage, and tactical use of certain cards right at the death can all reshape a losing battle into a triumph. Descenders 

Ash of Gods The Way Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

The choices you make in the game will have a significant impact on the storyline and the world around you. Every decision you make will have consequences that will affect your journey.

The back-and-forth nature of some battles creates real tension, and when certain outside circumstances are tied to those battles, the pressure can become immense. In its best moments, Ash of Gods: The Way reminds me of the Yu-Gi-Oh animated series, but a touch more somber than that. The way it makes a game about a card game dramatic and holds possibly devastating consequences is admirable. It’s a good example that a well-structured story can pull any premise off. As the game went on, some of the illusion of choice and tactical flexibility fell away and narrative aside, the game began to lose its spark. Luckily, the fire the early hours lit under it kept it chugging along regardless. So it’s not as if the game takes a particularly sour turn, it just stops building. It can be tough to ensure there’s something beyond the freshness of learning a game’s ways and AurumDust is just the latest of many to struggle with If you’re a fan of strategy games, “Ash of Gods: The Way” is a must-play. With its engaging combat system, compelling storyline, and varied characters, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of “Ash of Gods: The Way” and experience the ultimate strategy game today!

The game features tactical turn-based combat that requires you to make strategic decisions in battle.

It could do with a bit of simplification at the start though. A complaint some had about Ash of Gods: Redemption was the aggressive manner in which it dumped lore and information on you. It’s not quite like that in The Way, but it certainly floods your brain with things that could do with some time and space to draw out. At times, The Way is too eager to fill you in on all the details of a situation in one long screed. It does settle itself once you get into the meat of the game. I don’t think Ash of Gods: The Way is anything revolutionary within the genre, but it doesn’t need to be in fairness. It’s a compelling card battler RPG that’s overly eager to pepper you with its story, but backs it up by ensuring its overall hook is interesting enough to carry it. It looks good, plays well, and tells a fairly captivating story. You can’t ask for much more really. Desperados III 

Ash of Gods The Way Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

Ash of Gods The Way Free Download GAMESPACK.NET

There’s never really any reliable way of preparing for what your enemy is going to do next, and this feeling of hopelessness is compounded by the fact that AurumDust has added a rubbish card game element to the fighting here. You have a stack of cards – more of which you can collect out and about in the world – that you can use at the cost of a turn to try to sway things in your favour. Maybe you’ll use a card to reduce the defence of a random enemy unit or slash their health by ten points. Fine. However, your enemies also have a deck; you can’t see it and you don’t know what it contains, but it’s better than yours and they’ll use it constantly and more often than not it will wipe the floor with your best units. You’ll make complex plans – which take a long time because of constant loading times and confusing, difficult to navigate menus – then they’ll be torn apart in an instant by things which are 100% entirely unavoidable and out of your grasp. This is not fun, this is not intuitive, this is a mess.

If there’s one place where Ash of Gods: Redemption does succeed – and this is of no comfort to you really when you’re getting massacred and restarting ad nauseam just to clear an area – it’s in making your fighter’s separate defence and health bars, as seen in The Banner Saga, a little less complicated to understand here. This is literally the only good thing we can think of about the combat; that and some beautifully gory attack and death animations, but beautiful animations can’t mask the hollow nature of your game forever and they won’t win a war for you. Away from the turgid combat, the story which, as we mentioned, starts off intriguingly enough, soon devolves into a mess. Some of this, we expect, is down to a translation which isn’t quite up to snuff in places, but a lot more of it is down to really, really poor writing. Some of the dialogue here is excruciating, juvenile stuff. Tonally, it’s all over the place (main characters constantly ignore massive events and deaths in their immediate aftermath), almost every conversation drags on for an eternity and you’re constantly being introduced to more new characters, places and mythology without a blinking clue what on earth most of the people around you are talking about. It gets worse as it goes on, and by chapter three or four it’s insufferable.


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