ARTIFICIAL EXTINCTION Free Download GAMESPACK.NET In terms of story, Artificial Extinction treads some well-worn ground; AI has been developed on Earth and, true to form, it’s turned on its creators. The player is tasked with acting as a vanguard on a new world where the terraforming robots are also compromised, necessitating a ground war to establish a safe zone for new arrivals. I like the idea of fighting for the new world against an echo of the mistakes made back home, but I do find some of the writing a tad preachy; this game takes its subject matter quite seriously and seems to espouse a strong anti-artificial intelligence message, which is both interesting and also a tad redundant, given the wealth of narratives that cover the same material with variou Messages aside, Artificial Extinction crafts a harsh but varied world within which to stage its battles. Each level is set in one of a variety of landscapes across this world, and each time you must defend the area long enough to harvest fuel for the journey to a new location on the planet. TOP/BEST ADULT VIDEO GAMES IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA).

Three resources must be gathered: fuel for the mission itself, metal for building defenses, and energy for powering them. The defenses themselves largely take the form of turrets. The most basic version is a sniper turret designed for long-range engagement. If the enemy gets too close for these weapons (thanks to terrain or other forms of cover), the rapid-fire but short-ranged gun turret is needed. AA turrets provide flexibility for airborne targets, while a powerful missile system can provide a powerful surge of destructive power with limited ammunition per map. WAS GOD BIRTHED!?


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